Sunday, July 4, 2010

Woman Wants to be the World's Largest Woman

I saw this article "US Woman Striving to be the World's Heaviest" some time ago and it astounded me someone would choose this on purpose, she needs big time prayer and counseling.

OLD BRIDGE, New Jersey - An American woman is waging a campaign to become the world's heaviest living woman, admitting that she is as hungry for attention as she is for calorie-rich food.

Donna Simpson, 42, weighs more than 600 pounds and aims to reach 1,000 pounds.

The mother of two children, ages 3 and 14, models on a website called, where admirers and the curious can pay to watch videos of her eating greasy foods or walking to the car.

She has appeared in television interviews and said she welcomes media coverage.

A Guinness World Records spokeswoman said Simpson has submitted a claim for the title of world's heaviest woman to give birth, a claim that is being reviewed.

Among the heaviest women ever recorded was one who reportedly weighed 1,800 pounds and another who reportedly weighed 1,200 pounds at the time of their deaths.

Simpson said she has received a book offer and wants her own reality show, partly to give plus-size women more confidence. She wears size XXXXXL clothing, which she buys mostly online, and calls herself a member of the "fat acceptance community."

Someone in her family needs to take her down to a nursing home, to see the poor bedridden people and show her what the future will bring. This is the kind of stories out there that make fat people look bad too. Their choice of this lady who wants to do self-harming behavior speaks for itself. What is scary is there are those in the size acceptance community who would defend this.

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