Friday, July 29, 2011

Doesn't anyone care?

Well I know God and my friends do, but I really have wondered about the possible no disability thing lately....I posted on it here and got no comments. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed by that. It is interesting what it does to people's psyches when they realize that society would just throw you in the gutter, and think nothing of it and walk away.

"Obama Doesn't Care If Disabled [Fat or Not] And Old Die in the Gutter"

I went through size acceptance blogs and websites to see if anyone had commented about this issue regarding social security, and what would happen to super sized and smaller disabled people and others, grandma, disabled vets, and many others and found nothing on this issue out there. If I am wrong, show me a link, I couldn't obviously go everywhere.

I talked about this issue elsewhere. The left doesn't seem to care, very few on the left spoke out against this issue, most of the elites of the size acceptance world are so non-apologetically leftist, I guess they were afraid to step on some PC toes even to defend some disabled brethren and their own grandma. In other word's they never would dare to criticize Mein Obama.

Odd how in the old days the lefties at least pretended to care about the poor, guess the boho revolution has been complete, but I know I'm not para sailing in Ecuador, or spending thousands of dollars at the latest NAAFA convention so most do not even live in my world. The "Me" generations continue their swath of destruction across the land.

Not that right is any better, blaming the failing economy on all the "entitlements" [ignoring the fact social security was supposed to be a separate fund and is paid into] instead of all the trillion dollar bail-outs for bankers and several globalist wars, and the outsourcing of all the jobs which destroyed the tax base far worse then any miscreants on welfare or social security could have done it. As the country gets poorer, and compassion goes out the window, the disabled and elderly are getting frightened and with good reason. I've seen some scary comments on mainstream newsites where elderly people are talking about homelessness and total ruin and what is to become of them.

With the disabled, the lack of compassion is growing, we are supposedly "in the way". very few realize with me, I was sick before the fat came, the lungs went first with constant hospitalizations. Very few had a problem with Obama using us as a pawn to threaten Americans with eviction and destitution for his debt ceiling plan, and the Republicans played along in the game. We know they don't care either. They have more corporations to give tax breaks to and money deals to make. Most Americans brainwashed by the media, as they watched their jobs and wealth sent overseas, will remain standing there accepting it all while they go for the pensions and social security itself. That's what's coming....but I know few are listening to the warnings.

It is interesting having a week, wondering what will become of me because of this? I've had a different sort of life, poverty and the wolves have already been on my door before in my youth. Nope, I didn't drunk, drink or party my way there. Bad health, bad lungs, and job security do not always go together. I already know what it means to have only money enough to eat once a day, or to pour every resource into rent to avoid homelessness. Thank God I have my husband to help but this is just more strain we do not need. My only support even as I have written about this elsewhere was a fellow disabled veteran, and my close friends and a few relatives. This is a selfish society, in that they won't even speak out for their own grandmother or even their own future. I am speaking out, but I know sometimes one speaks out to silence in response.

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