Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obama Doesn't Care If The Disabled [Fat or Not] and Old Die in The Gutter

I find it unforgivable, instead of talking about cutting the endless globalist wars that have only made this country broke, the endless corporate welfare and banker and other government projects, that Obama decided to use the disabled and elderly as a pawn. I never supported the guy, thank goodness!, and consider both parties rotten to the core, and bringing nothing but tyranny to the land and more help for those who want to turn Americans into a bunch of serfs. These wicked betrayers of the American people always go for the poor, retirees, disabled/disabled vets and elderly instead of the billions of dollars sent overseas to fund useless endless wars. America's bid to be the Police man of the world has failed, we can't afford it. One thing, neither party no longer cares about the American people anymore. Do they want more billions and trillions for bankers? Maybe they already cleaned out the social security coffers and didn't tell any of us. While they postpone our checks, will anyone postpone my rent due date?

What is scary is no one challenged Obama for scaring the pants off every disabled, elderly and other person. I don't get why people still support this guy, well the Republicans are no better. I have friends who are very worried on the phone who are disabled and have no other income. I have a husband to help me even if he is just making it too, that is something instead of NOTHING. Perhaps this is just the latest scare tactic but to me this was sociopathy seen in full force, bringing in fear for the sake of political maneuvering. Even if that was the purpose it was unconscionable.

I know in a country where the economy is crashing, this is a very scary place for someone to live. I know especially being fat and seen "at fault" for the status of my body, that my life is not valued by certain segments of the populace, the fat hating doctor as just one among many examples, and it makes things scary when you wonder if society is going to crash or we are going to have it be like Mad Max Times soon. A lot of states are cutting funding for programs that keep the disabled out of nursing homes, like housekeeping services, and more. Thank God I can still sort of walk.

One thing, I am a fat person who knows about the "preppers" movement and the rest but was too poor to go that route, though I try to do things like always keep a week of water in the house, and flashlights and some extra meds, which the doctors are making more and more difficult even on the ones you are willing to pay out of pocket on. What if an infection comes at the "wrong time"?

Could I survive if it all crashes? Well, a few days without thyroid pills is enough to put me under, two days without, I feel the instant results. I do study herbs and things like that, even have blood sugar lowering herbs in the house and need to get some diuretic ones, but what will that mean if all access is cut off?

I believe God will look out for me, He has before, but this is not a friendly time for the disabled or the poor elderly, many are getting very nervous and why wouldn't they be?. I already saw my last small town face bad things. Perhaps my interest in history is colluding here, knowing the 50 years that Americans had of relative peace and prosperity, may end up being a blip on the map, and the powers of this world, usually always throw the vulnerable overboard first. I always loved this country but the last few years, I don't recognize this place anymore...something is very wrong, when they tell millions of people that their only income and livelihood may soon be wiped away and they do so with a straight face and there is little outcry. That really bugs me.

Some may come on here and shout about entitlement programs and the rest but people paid into social security, I worked 60-70 hour workweeks while ill before becoming disabled. I did hard jobs that many wouldn't have even taken because of the danger and stress involved. What of the guy who paid into the system for 40 years? Yes the ideal probably was the old days where extended family or church helped take care of you or even allowed a sickly person to have a role to play in their day to day lives. But that isn't happening now. Even minor disabilities where one is functional and differences, can keep people on the edges of the job market. Both parties especially the Republican party has played the "blame the victims" of the economy game especially to get all the safety nets and other things removed for the ever greedy bankers and multi-national corporations, by the way that includes the Fair Labor Act. Say hello to 14-16 hour workdays and a dollar an hour or less like the rest of the third world! But where is fairness or even common sense anymore? Already 40 and 50 year old HEALTHY people are talking about being discriminated against in the failing job market!

Sometimes I have the odd thought, I wonder if I will finally lose weight when a famine comes? Would I be 200lbs while everyone else was skeletons? What would life be like if I cannot afford ANY food? Would I go into a diabetic coma? I guess I could go looking for some purslane to eat in the woods near here if it was a warmer season. I never even would have thought I'd be thinking this way 10 years ago.

If anyone disabled or elderly on social security reads this, I am not trying to scare you. I am talking about we may be having to face some really hard facts. My household is already discussing, what if the check doesn't come? Some of my friends and family members tell me the chance is probably low, but in this world we have to be prepared for anything. This world is rapidly changing. I have to be strong and hope you can be too. Perhaps it is just more nonsense, like him saying "Give us the money or Grandma gets it!" ... If you are young and read this, find the most self-sustaining life you can manage [organic farming?] and move to a small town if possible, and keep your social connections and family close.

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