Friday, August 30, 2013

War Protesting

Another war?

Obama is basically a globalist puppet another Bush, there is no difference between him and Bush except a few social agendas crumbs thrown to liberals,  as I wrote the other day, war with Syria, was planned with Cheney and pals back in 2001, with Project for a New American Century. They also had Iran in that list and Libya as well as others. Are American memories that short they don't remember Bush lying and going on about the weapons of mass destruction?

Except this time, this war is much more dangerous!

I noticed yesterday gas prices went up! Oh it's expensive to be the policeman of the world. Excuse me why I go throw up!

Hopefully they won't take us into WWIII with their nonsense given that Russia and China are all warning there will be consequences. 

What freedom with TSA, NDAA, the Patriot Act? They are doing what they can to end the last ones left, freedom of speech and religion.

I can't stand both parties. Both hold to the same agenda of tyranny.

What is funny is remember when leftists were anti-war? I used to do war protesting, as an INDEPENDENT, I have hated both parties for years when I figured out the truth behind the scenes but I find it kind of funny how now they even have the left now cheering for war, because the right puppet is carrying out the plans of the powers that be. Cindy Sheenan, I wonder if she voted for Obama?

Yes Fivehundredpoundpeep got the anti-war signs out circa 2003, no I was not liberal by then, I was with a mix of people including libertarians and others, as I did war protesting in my old town. Some of us knew Bush was a liar then, and many of us know Obama is a liar now and doing the SAME EXACT thing right now. Funny how Obama will help outsource jobs, destroy the economy, hand more power and cash to the bankers, sign NDAA and now follow Bush with even worse and more dangerous war-mongering, but liberals still love him! 

If we see mushroom clouds across the landscape, at least my conscience will be clear that I didn't vote for him or the other non-choice either.

God Help Us All!


  1. I am very left-wing, did not vote for Obama either time, and thank God every day that I did not. How anyone can think that people are better off being bombed is beyond me -- what a mentality! Or, as a writer put it, we have to kill civilians in order to make it clear that killing civilians is wrong.

  2. I war protested with many on the left, I barely fit the political sides, done with both, I agree with that how is anyone better off being bombed? We can't even imagine the fear or the horror! That writer is smart!

  3. ...Except that Bush had invaded two countries by his third year in office. Obama is into his sixth and is, at present, merely sabre-rattling at Syria. Meanwhile, he's ended one of Bush's wars and been attempting to end the other (I don't think this is particularly out of the goodness of his heart - those wars were always a financial drain of no purpose).

    I'm not a huge Obama fan and I certainly hope US involvement in the Syria mess does not go further than sabre-rattling, but you're engaging in false equivalence. The only purpose of such is to pretend that Bush was less of a complete disaster than he was - and I'm sorry, but the Bush presidency was awful in every respect. He was a warmonger who was completely asleep at the wheel domestically. He took the USA into two recessions, whereas Obama has overseen a tentative recovery.

    If you really think they're equivalent presidents, you're being incredibly favorable toward Bush. There's just no way around that.

  4. I am glad you are not a huge Obama fan. By the way I think Bush was a disaster as a president too, TOTAL. Don't make the mistake that because I reject a lot of the left that I embrace the Republican party, I do not, and I do not belong to the Tea Party either. I am probably pro-civil liberties like libertarians--think Reason magazine but even Gary Johnson was hooked up with the globalists and supported global trade-NAFTA etc. Obama has sent troops to Africa and other far less publicized actions. Also with Obama he signed NDAA which is far far worse then the Patriot Act. It basically wipes the away for a trial even for American citizen. Obama is a puppet that does what his handlers tell him to do, just like Bush.

    Bush was just as equally bad as Obama, but Obama is advancing the Bush agenda.

    The country is not in a recovery. Depression 2.0 is going into full swing. Younger people cannot get jobs. That is what they tell people but it is not true. Check out Zero Hedge and the Economic Collapse Blog.

  5. I read Zero Hedge, mostly for laughs. I also read Calculated Risk - you should too. It's a site about the real economy - tracking employment, housing and borrowing data and similar stats that reflect how America's really getting along. There's ups and downs but we're definitely in a recovery.

    Bush was not 'equally bad as Obama'. He was a generational disaster.

  6. The stock market may be going up but it's funny money and being manipulated. Do you know about the Federal Reserve and it's role in our money system? There many be a "recovery" for some, but there are endless stats proving that our economy is failing and they are not dealing with it. This guy takes stats from all sorts of sources. I know people do not have the same money they did years ago, jobs are paying even less then I made in the 1990s! Is Bill McBride an academic economist? All I have to do is open my eyes to know there is no economic recovery or it's only apply to a thin sliver of the better to do. Obama is completing the Bush program, NDAA is an advanced Patriot Act. Syria is on the Project for the New American Century list. The two teams work together behind the scenes. Bush advanced the police state and Obama definitely has continued that as well, as tyranny is growing in this country. What do you personally think of Obama signing the NDAA.

    Here is link on economy.

    All I have to do is open my eyes to know the economy is failing and how younger people are doing compared to older ones.

  7. Wow, there's a lot of statistical fiddle-faddle on that 'Economic Collapse' list that is essentially taking advantage of timing. Like gas prices. Here's a graph of gas prices since 2002. As you can see there was a sudden drop during the crash, and the price has since returned to the same level it was at before the crash. Do you really trust someone who would take advantage of timing to misstate facts like this?

    Much of the rest also follows from timing; Obama came to office during the worst part of the recession. Food stamps increased? Here's a graph of forty years of food stamps, with recessions shaded in gray - food stamps ALWAYS increase when a recession hits, but usually coast down sometime afterwards. Indeed, you can see that the first Bush recession is unusual in that food stamps didn't go down after it ended, but kept rising.

    Bush led America into recession, and the far-right is more invested in trying to blame Obama for the results of that recession (such as jobs lost, mortgages slipping underwater, debt increases - which throughout history have always followed financial crises) than in rebuilding the economy, because they're that desperate to distract attention from the simple fact that the recession began a year before Obama took office, that the Lehman crash and the AIG crash both happened on Bush's watch, and that they did NOTHING about it at the time.

    I'm also surprised that you'd be going along with some of these, as well - you think people being able to get on Social Security Disability is a bad thing? Or that people shouldn't be able to use food stamps to feed their children during a recession?

    What I know about Bill McBride is that he isn't trying to sell me anything - whereas the Economic Collapse blog is COVERED in flickering ads! (According to his 'About' page McBride is retired, but used to be an executive at a small company.) Seriously though, if someone's using attention-getting, emotion-tugging stats to try to sell me something...I wouldn't buy either their products or their figures. The stats are the marketing for the products and have no other purpose, certainly not the conveying of fact or the search for a solution.

    1. Hey I take even Michael Synder with a little bit grain of salt because he is trying to sell you something. I try to cross check some of the sites. I agree the gas prices do go up and down and they will use current events to jack the prices a little bit and let them slide down a bit. :P
      I would like to check what is the highest use of food stamps and compare it to today. Did it ever reach this level in past recessions or percentage of the population?
      Now remember I believe right and left have worked together in globalist aims--to outsource the jobs for the soe benefit of international corporations. One interesting matter to study with Obama is the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement, and this will devestate employment even more.

      I do not agree with the RIGHT on the removal of safety nets. I am kind of a ZEBRA politically. LOL Fed up with both parties. I believe even the TEA PARTY was utilized by the bankers and powers that be to have the rabble rally for more benefits to be taken away, teachers to lose pay, and the middle class to be even more decimated, funny how that works how they can get people on board with their own demise. I am a full supporter of social security and disgusted they even touched its money.

      I will read more of that website. I am gald he is not trying to sell you anything. That does lower my trust levels.

      I do think America is getting poorer and Generation X and Y have done far less well then their parents. While I am disabled, I witnessed my husband's job lay-offs so even his bosses are unemployed now and now he is a far lower paid freelancer. I could barely get jobs when younger, no matter what I did. [I know the health and upbringing didn't help and there were other factors] but it didn't use to be that people could not survive. If you were decent and hardworking enough, you could survive and that has changed in America. I witnessed too a small town economically collapse to the point my old church closed, and many were forced to move. I do think the distance between the haves and have nots is massively growing. Remember the narc relatives live in the world I could not attain. So well til now, I was taking a step in it, and their ability to gather high paying income and jobs, to me is awe inspiring. One can tell over-all in the big picture things are sliding down. Even elderly friends have told me how much easier life used to be and how easier it was to survive. I suppose this is some of my old age talking....Depression 2.0 is here, but this time it's hidden. They can't explain all those empty store fronts with the internet marketplace.

  8. Re. the NDAA - I assume you're talking about the 2012 version and the detention clause? I think it's unconstitutional and hope it will get struck down. Like I said, not a huge fan of Obama.

  9. Glad you agree that it is unconstitutional, I believe it definitely should be struck down. I'm not a fan of any of them anymore. Our politicians really have degraded to very low quality of person, I think they are all bought off.

  10. Obama did not end the war in Iraq. Iraq refused to grant blanket immunity to all U.S. personnel in Iraq; consequently, Obama withdrew our troops. Obama has increased drone strikes, which have killed over 400 civilians, including 62 children. Bush was an absolute disaster, and then we got Obama, another disaster. And I'm getting sick of hearing about the recovering economy -- where does one find the recovering economy if one does not own stocks? (In my case, I was raised to believe owning stocks was profiting from someone else's labor.)

  11. Nope he did not end war in Iraq and yes now they have drone strikes and Obama has helped with the growing police state and growing acceptance and use of DRONES on AMERICAN SOIL, that is why they had NDAA after all to name everyone in America as would-be "enemy combatants", and why the list of everyone who is a would-be terrorist is growing longer. Yes Bush is a disaster and so is Obama. Obama is even pressing for a war in the service of his globalist masters that no one wants. I get sick of hearing about the recovering economy too, businesses are closing, everyone I know is broke, the 1970s and 1980s in comparison to today seem like halycon days where one person could support a family and they were dropped kicked out the door every other minute by a boss having a bad hair day, or reduced to piece meal part time hours. The stock owning class is doing well for now, but even that may come to an end. The economy is far worse. No one I know my age is doing well. Some are propped up with inheritance, or pensions--well some got those taken away, and credit, but beyond that no one is really doing well. Jobs are paying lower and lower, so much of the population is under employed or unemployed. No it's not looking good not at all.