Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm not one for postmodernism

Postmodernism stinks. I guess to some that would make me an automatic "conservative", course to me the labels matter little anymore. I was reading elsewhere how they were teaching kids math and it was crazy instead of just dealing with the answer they muddled their heads with concepts beyond just the answer. This is civilization destroying stuff, when nothing is TRUE anymore, the affects on science and other avenues in society will be interesting. Perhaps the movie "Idiocracy" was prophecy. 


  1. Postmodernism has always been part of science, though. It's only by entertaining the possibility that what we think we know is not the whole truth, and by working from perspectives other than what we've been taught, that we've ever advanced the sciences.

  2. But the issue isn't with thinking one knows the whole truth, the issue is with thinking everything has equal value. By this standard, slavery must be defensible, the sexual exploitation of children must be defensible, etc. It does not make you a conservative, Peep, to find this way of thinking absurd; radical feminists find it especially absurd because it makes the experience of being born female and raised female the equivalent of a 45-year-old man who now decides he is really a woman (until he decides he is a man again because being an old woman is often not a pretty experience).

  3. Yeah I agree with you anon. I of course do not think everything has equal value. When they truth is not total or absolute, truth can lie in a bunch of different places, such as that 45 year old man saying he is a woman. You know the whatever is true for me, even if its not for you crowd have led things to a lot of confusion. Really conservative and liberal do not fit either label anymore. On my social website, I just write I against tyranny and for freedom and for truth. LOL The liberals yell at me for being against gun control etc , while the conservatives yell at me for not joining the all the poor are to blame bandwagon that the elites have gotten them all on. I know old school liberals are different but even the conservatives of today are barely recognizable.