Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Richard Simmons Shills for Obamacare

Found at ZeroHedge: Friday Horror...Obamacare's Latest Pitchman is Richard Simmons:

Warning, skim this one to protect your eyes and brain!

"As a painful reminder - if one were needed - fitsnews notes that:   
In case you’re wondering, Covered California received $43 million worth of federal grant money last year to “educate targeted audiences about the subsidy programs available to them and to motivate consumers and small businesses to be part of obtaining health insurance.”
Thanks taxpayer for funding this orgy of eye-gouging hell...we will never be able to un-see that!"

The movie Idiocracy was prophecy....

As folks here know I think Obamacare is the biggest rip-off to come down the pike. $5,000 dollar deductibles? You may as well not be insured at all. I had a thousand dollar one at my residential care job and couldn't afford tests and standard medical care. And this wants more of your money for no returns, to enrich the insurance companies!  My household can't afford Obamacare for it's one un-insured member.

Don't believe the lies about how "cheap" it is either or how subsidies will bail the poor out. We can't carry another 100-300 dollar bill. I'm eating nothing but turkey sandwiches this week and cooking dried beans and delving into stored oranges from two weeks ago, we are so broke. The Left can't cry crocodile tears and pretend to care about the poor and disabled, because I'm not buying it. No, I don't like the Republican party either.

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  1. Check the ACA; I've got a $200/month policy with $10 co-pays and $250/year deductible. It's better than having NO insurance, which was what I used to have.