Sunday, April 20, 2014

Who's Privileged Who's Not?

I saw this website on Facebook.  One friend got me to take this test. She is very liberal in her beliefs but an independent enough thinker she doesn't go nuts when I decry both political parties.  This ties in with an old post I did on THIN PRIVILEGE. 

Here my results:

My results may be a bit different in that I am straight but got beaten up, harrassed, insulted for being homosexual when I was not and have no physical attraction for women. PCOS as you know masculinizes women and for me it was extreme. I've been in places where I got made fun of for being poor having the wrong accent--called a "hick". I have faced violence: being in the wrong place at the wrong time mostly due to the duties of one job. This also includes being asked weird racial questions--I am technically Caucasian but on the darker end of the spectrum, being turned away from jobs with open and rampant discrimination, sexual harassment and the indignities of extreme poverty.

As an adult, I live on the bottom tiers of society, trust me it is rare for someone like me to have internet access, and yes I know it. Financially things are so tight, that homelessness could knock on my door via one domino falling though there are a few more nets to catch the disabled. But there are assumptions made about so many groups.

I don't understand the LIBERAL WORLD at times. And don't assume I am a would be Tea Partier either, their love of the bankers and hatred for the poor is their own delusion. I've been poor enough as I have talked about on this blog to dumpster dive for food and sleep [for years] out of a mattress out of the trash. I've gone without medicine, furniture, a working stove, a car, a phone, and many of what people consider the necessities of life. What am I supposed to make of the fact I am "under-privileged"? Go curl into a ball? Give up?  I even got accused once on this blog of being privileged, I suppose for talking about getting assaulted in a dangerous neighborhood and not liking it.

Yes racism and other things are real and people suffer from them, but sometimes I think this stuff just creates MORE DIVIDES between people, and puts them into CATEGORIES, where labeled IDENTITIES become the sole sum of their being, like being fat for some of us. Can we just meet people and deal with them as human beings without the automatic categories? This stuff is making racism and classism WORSE in my book, it is separating the disabled from society MORE. 

 This means I don't really support IDENTITY POLITICSIt makes people slaves to their demographics. It puts people into the AUTOMATIC category of being OTHERS. It also increases stereotypes about different groups. One gets into an Animal Farm like play, 'Where some animals are more equal then others". 

I find myself thinking this HOW PRIVILEGED ARE YOU? stuff was designed by the privileged.
I mean who determines privilege? Who determines what means something for other human beings?  I know my "underprivilege" in some ways took me out of "the system" so to speak.  Get pushed out the door, as a fringe dweller who doesn't belong "anywhere" in enough places and you are standing outside the city walls, in peace, looking at the madness inside from a distant view.

For all the talk of whose privileged and whose not, I see very few questioning the system that is oppressing so many. The elite can cackle while the peasants fight among themselves about whose more privileged or not or whose suffering outclasses their own.


  1. When "they" can force a label on you "they" can begin coraling you with the politics of envy. And that thinking transcends political boundaries.

  2. I totally agree. They are pushing that one even more now.