Monday, April 13, 2015

Feminism Lost Any Morals.

I saw this on some men's rights group website. I don't agree with them on everything as some seem like they think every woman is a raving corner office feminist and can fall into having hateful attitudes themselves but there are some truths here.  First Wave feminism made sense, what we have now doesn't. The other day I got in a Facebook debate with a friend, in this case, I let things drop though we do not see things the same way over the fact that today's feminism has women walking around naked for "slut walks" and to "fight rape". How does that make any sense?  I am an old woman remembering the good old days where objectification even in the second wave was considered a bad thing. Now the women strip willingly. Morals were long ago thrown out the door. Many women love men which is why feminism is failing to sell. 

Not A Fan of Feminism. 


  1. Its true. Even the women who are successful in their careers are lonely in their hearts, hoping for marriage, consumed with needing a husband. Down to their truest selves that is where they are at. Yes, I do believe feminism is good as it helps women to escape a bad marriage, empowering her that way.

    I couldn't say to much bad about feminism. With it I was able to escape abuse. I don't really care about the voting much, that is great for some women though, but I would have survived without it. And it wouldn't even bother me if there was only one family vote. Also, women having careers is good if needed. I couldn't imagine my daughters not having that freedom.

    I don't know anything about the slut walks to fight rape, but I remember those take back the night marches. And really, to me, I don't need to be walking where places are unsafe, just to prove a point. There are just some places where women shouldn't go.

    The lack of morals, I believe, is a side effect of feminism, and really has more to do with the "free love". Men and women are not the same at all, yet women have to prove herself as a man would. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way at all.

    I just think to myself, do I have to walk around naked and sleep with 5-6 men in order to feel free? I'm a woman and that doesn't work for me at all!

  2. I know women who as they got older and were unmarried and had no children told me they regretted putting everything into the career. Nowadays with the economy the way it is, the careers fail people even more. I don't mind shelters and help for women escaping abuse, perhaps I see that as first wave oriented, maybe positives of second wave.

    They did Take back the night marches when I was in college, and they bugged me then. They overdid the every man is a would be rapist stuff. Yes it is something to be concerned about but why did we have to march at night and now they march almost naked or naked to prove a point. I agree the lack of morals is part of this and the sexual revolution. Women are growing tired having to prove themselves as strong as men. I don't think freedom has grown, in some ways the prison bars got more plentiful even if now one can escape an abusive marriage or get a job to support themselves.

  3. Feminism appears to be a survival mechanism, against the ravages of addiction - too many men would rather drink than support their families. Hate to blame men, but looking around, it's the WOMEN who have their noses to the grindstone, while the men have theirs in pathetic MRA websites.

    1. Thank you Sue this is so profound. And I must say absolutely true, in a way. But it has me thinking, is it reasonable to ask a man for his financial resources to support the family? To just outright tell him that you want everything from him, like his money, his time, his love, his babies, his attention, marriage, everything?

      I believe this is absolutely reasonable. And I believe good men would line up for it. JMHO

    2. I think women too are fed up and having to compensate for men who would rather drink or refuse to grow up. I think our dying economy taking jobs away from men is helping with the perpetual adolescence as well as the bread and circuses. Too many women have to take up the slack. I think when the sexual revolution decimated marriage it opened the door too for men refusing to grow up, and having cake and eating it too, and letting women do all the working.