Monday, July 11, 2016

Another Comment on The Comic

Still adding panels and taking them away. The story seems to have become the story of my ACON life interwoven with the severe obesity and it's trials and the undercurrent of the love story between me and my husband. Sometimes when doing art one gets worried people won't get it, or the idea of graphic novels done based on reality Harvey Pekar style. I have 140 panels right now. I actually have books of comics where I could make probably several more books, even just from my life. There's other characters I have come up with along the way too.


  1. Great! An audience worth having understands the concept of the graphic novel, right off the bat. In addition to Pekar, another artist/storyteller is Alison Bechtel (Are You My Mother and Fun Home) Thanks for being another voice keeping it real!

    1. Yes it is a graphic novel and speaks of real life. I am adding and putting in pieces. I worked for an hour penciling two panels. I have read Fun Home, and Are you My Mother. She conveyed life with her parents very well.

      This one will hit hard for ACONs, I promise that. I may redo some fat panels this week, I am reworking some from years ago. This comic is based on a comic diary I kept for years to survive all this. LOL