Sunday, September 4, 2016

We Hate Burning Man

Hidden Occult ceremonies with a burning "Wicker Man" and art with magic themes are not for Christian me.  I got in trouble on Facebook with non-Christian people I know for posting a Christian article against Burning Man today.  I always joke they want to replicate "hell" out there in the dead hot barren desert wasteland they hold their festival on.

Anyhow examining Burning Man, on the social engineering angle like this guy has done, is interesting to me. Is it all an experiment? I think he has something there.  He ties it into the internment of the Japanese in concentration camps during WWII which was done in the same area.

His conjecture that Burning Man is a mish-mash of show off people with severe personality disorders also makes sense to me.  If you ever look at pictures of this event, while everyone says "it looks fun", I notice how everyone seems intent on showing off.  I was on a Burning Man website where they showed some of the gatherings and some were for "group sex" and "orgies".  Burning Man reminds me of the stuff I used to read on conspiracy websites about Bohemian Grove ceremonies. I like art but the "art" of Burning Man always seemed to be that kind of grandstanding type.

While I have never seen a fat person in any Burning Man photos, probably because the climate would kill anyone over 200lbs, I had the very uncharitable thought that Burning Man would be the perfect setting for some fat acceptance extreme neo-liberal ideologues who would love the focus on  delusional fantasy and freedom without responsibility. I can imagine Marilyn Wann running after me dressed in a pink tutu, telling me to drop acid or something and join the "party". Aspie me would run screaming.

I hate crowds and smiling narcissists. I guess I'm not a joiner. Burning Man would be my vision of hell. The dust storms and burning things would send me into respiratory failure. Some uber-rich are hanging out at Burning Man now, maybe to watch the serfs practice at a post-apocalyptic society.

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