Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Five Hundred Pound Peep Comic Zine #3: Peep Escapes Various Cages

Five Hundred Pound Peep Comic Zine #3 is now on sale!

Peep Escapes Various Cages

This is the third comic zine in a three-part series: based on the blog, Five Hundred Pound Peep: The Life & Times Of A 500-Pound Woman, on which she recounted the story of her life in comic form. Peep's comics serve as the snapshot of her life, times and struggles as a super-sized woman in America today.

Part Three: Peep Escapes Various Cages, takes us through Peep's adult years. You'll see her later struggles with a dysfunctional family, size discrimination, living in the big city, escaping to the country and finally figuring stuff out.   This issue is 37 pp., and comes to you on 8.5" x 11" Xeroxed paper, with a white color card stock cover, straight from the author's drawing table -- and into your hands! What more could you ask?

As always email me, and I will direct you to the ebay link.

I am still interested too in zines for trade as well. Thank you. :)

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