Saturday, October 2, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss

Say Yes to the Dress, is the TLC program, that shows a large wedding dress shop, where they have made a show out of women selecting their wedding dresses. Well last night, they did their new plus size version.

Some things I noticed:

1. Most of these women were in the 20-26 size range, why couldn't the dresses have been made to actually fit them? Most could not zip their dresses up. Here the dress manufacturers need to actually make the dresses for the real sizes. The majority of the women were apple shaped vs. pear shaped. Any woman with bigger hips would have been even worse off.

2. The staff was very nice and accommodating, of course I found the constant tears and deflated egos, a bit off putting. The thin women cry too out of loving their wedding dress, but what is about TV that always shows fat women bawling their eyes out every two seconds about how horrible and overweight they are?

3. One woman with the square black glasses, had a very over-affected personality, such as if someone was writing a play and wanted to script in, a "tough as nails" outspoken fat "diva".

4. The dresses looked like they just fattened up "thin" women's dresses, I mean for goodness sakes, designing a dress that is "tight" around the stomach area? What fat woman would look good in that? They were far too tailored, and tight, and not enough give. Is this to save money on fabric?

5. I had my wedding dress custom made. Not everyone can afford this or manage that {I sold art to finance it}, but I never got to try on wedding dresses when I was married, I was so far out of the normal sizes, I did design my own dress and got someone to sew it. It had a higher "empire" waist with a full skirt.

6. Watching the ladies choose which dress is always interesting, as well as the reaction of the friends and family.

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