Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why do Some Liberals Think All White People are Rich?

Can I ask a weird question here, why do liberals think all white people are rich?

Why White People Explain They are Oppressed

Let's look at a sample quote:

"Modern white Americans are one of the most powerful groups of people to ever exist on this planet and yet those very people—or, if you're white, you people—staunchly believe that the primary victims of modern racism are whites."

Do you feel powerful? Because I sure don't. Don't they mean RICH WHITE PEOPLE? Don't they mean the one percent and bankers?. When one reads a sentence of such utter nonsense like that, one knows this article will run off the rails. Isn't it money that brings power now in America? Hmm funny how they want to hide this reality.

I know the powers that be want to beat the race gong. It works for them. The last thing they want is poor people of all races figuring out what is going on and uniting together.

Trump can get all the people who want to bow before billionaires to vote for him while falsely blaming black people and hispanics for their economic woes. Hey I've been on "conservative" boards, and seen this scapegoating first hand. It makes me sick. Don't be a poor white going to hang out on Free Republic or other Trump supportive boards, even in that world there is supposedly no such thing as poor whites, and there'd be no one in need of welfare if they just all "GOT A JOB"! All these types ignore the fact most on welfare are WORKING unless they are disabled.

All I know is when I go to my food pantries, there's tons of people of other races there, who can't get good paying jobs too and who are struggling just like us. The right politicians have given all of us the same middle finger but the leftist politicians are betraying THEM TOO.

Then there is the left, they tell us the economy is doing great. They are the ones who send all the money overseas while letting American cities fall apart. Are we suppose to think they care about black people in America?  Even that show "Abandoned" on the Vice Network, makes the decay of America, more then apparent. I wonder if that skateboarder guy plans to vote for Hillary after crying over the falling down and abandoned Saint Louis school system?

The racial stuff is getting insane, and I see the extremes there too, the ones who pound on about how all whites are rich and powerful and have privilege sicken me as much as the racist ones who use black people as scapegoats and defend the police state and economic oppression that is destroying us all now but started with the ghettos first. All these people do is divide people. Everything becomes about race. White and Black. What if you are olive toned? What if you want to see people for people first and not according to race? What of the bi-racial people too? Its like they WANT everyone at each other's throats. 

Going back to the top article let's look at Tim Wise's quote:

"Tim Wise, anti-racist educator says, "When you've had the luxury of presuming yourself to be the norm, the prototype of an American, any change in the demographic and cultural realities in your society will strike you as outsized attacks on your status. You've been the king of the hill and never had to share shit with anyone, what is really just an adjustment to a more representative, pluralistic, shared society seems like discrimination. When you're used to 90 percent or more of the pie, having to settle for only 75 or 70 percent? Oh my God, it's like the end of the world." But as white people lose their dominant status, the meaning of whiteness in America will have to change significantly."

Let me try and give this guy a clue, if Mr. poor white man can't get a factory job to save his life, neither is a black man who wants a good job to take care of his family. The elite can use these racial battles to advance destruction of the American economy, silencing with success, the poor whites who ask "Where have all the jobs gone"?  What poor white person feels like the "king of the hill" and how out of touch are these liberals?  None of us have ever been the "king or queen of the hill" So now any white person who asks how come we are living in poverty is a racist? Can someone explain that one to me. The job opportunities in the inner city have worsened. How come no one talks about that?

Here Tim Wise becomes an excuse maker for the globalists and the 1 percent, ignoring the fact that globalism destroyed the ghettos first, and WORKED it's way down. People don't care about losing "dominant status" or other nonsense this guy is claiming, people want to just be able to eat and pay their bills. 

Putting down one group to elevate another does not work. All that is builds is resentment. Poor whites who have seen their economic fortunes collapse, should not be listening to people tell them  it's because they are a bunch of racists. The fortunes of inner city blacks collapsed first in the 60s and then worked their way down to whites in the last couple of decades. Don't they realize as they praise the economic collapse for whites, that things worsen for other groups?

Telling poor whites, you deserve to suffer too because the ghettos have, is the elites wanting to take a chomp out of everyone as they clean out the coffers and turn the entire nation into Detroit. They simply started with the ghettos first and now are working their way down. Poison water for Flint, could definitely mean poison water in your rural mostly white town. So the ignorant Republicans who say things like "Oh they didn't pay their water bills, so they get what they deserve", better watch out, it will be coming to your town next.  Many people don't get that water in inner city areas is not the same and people are often charged more. In Chicago, my water turned black in the tub, it didn't clean my clothes completely.  Things reserved for the oppression of the black man now are being expanded out. Remember that saying First they came for the socialists and I did not speak out....well it's kind of like that.

I get tired of out of touch liberals upping the racial divide acting like all white people are wealthy and we all are having our maids get the jar of Grey Pou Pon out of the cupboard. The assumptions that all whites have class access to credit cards, decent clothes cars and ability to get good jobs, is a form of racism in itself.  It denies economic realities for millions. The article from above that declares all white people are "powerful" and "wealthy" is cracked. What power? I believe when the left concentrates on this stuff, the powers that be are getting their way separating whites and blacks and building resentment between the two groups. They follow divide and conquer formulas.

The police state is ruining America. I have noticed everything is about control. The cops are told to get compliance. There's no more Andy Griffith, it's all about tasering people and throwing them on the ground and demanding obedience at all costs. The laws are often to make money. The drug wars are insane.  There's little social relationships in communities anymore. The militarization of their equipment has made them more into soldiers "fighting the enemy" rather then fellow members of a community whom they feel motivated to protect and serve.  So many of them are shooting first just like soldiers rather then figuring out what is going on. This is probably worse in larger communities.

 Many do not realize the powers that be want a federalized police force. That is scary. While they ramp up the racial divisions, they ramp up division of communities and police. Maybe there is a reason they sold them all that military equipment. On Republican boards, one can see some wanting to vote for Trump just to quell all those riots. Make the police state stronger they say! The American solution to everything seems to be police state crack downs. How many more people do they want to lock up? Isn't a couple million enough?

 Are white and blacks going to befriend one another, when the leftists keep emphasizing the differences between us? Am I weird to think these thoughts? How is this going to fix racism? All it does is advance the system of oppression.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tim's Vermeer

This movie looks very interesting. I know of the technique to use projectors at least for a line tracing in realistic paintings, but this sounds like something far beyond that in the days before photography. Well the artists WERE the photographers back then. 

Marilyn Wann Still Ignores the Health Problems of Supersized People

 Marilyn Wann Argues with Canadian Obesity Network

I'm no advocate of weight loss surgery. It's like playing the roulette. Some of the results are very very bad. I can understand someone choosing to spin that wheel. I have chosen NOT to in my case due to other health conditions, extreme nutritional shortages I suffer from now from low vitamin D, anemia to low B vitamins and past suffering from digestive problems. My digestion goes funny quick. I puke very easily. That said, why harass people who were severely overweight who did it? I warn about it but I am not going to get down on anyone who wanted to spare themselves suffering from severe obesity. I get tired of Marilyn Wann acting like the fat life is so great and there is still that strain of delusion with us super-sized people. She ignores all the bad health problems, very fat people get and she sounds more and more delusional by the year. I told her I was dying at near 700lbs and I was. I'm scared now because I am not losing weight but my metabolism must be shot to hell. You know it's bad news when there's more fat people telling her how sick they were getting from their weight and she simply IGNORES them. It would be better for something better then weight loss surgery to be researched so I don't support the other side completely either.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Co-Housing Life

Co-housing always sounded like a better way of living to me. I sometimes do worry about government enforcing cohousing on people and some Mao-ist communes coming into vogue. There are Christian websites that warn against communitarianism..

However a truly spontaneous group sounds great to me. This style of life appeals to me greatly. Modern American life especially for the elderly and disabled can be a very lonely place. If you have no family, also the isolation can be extreme. I fear for my unmarried disabled single friends as that can get even more isolating. Some may be able to get paid care-givers but a lot of life is spent very isolated.

Sadly for too many life becomes a series of acquaintances, that you see at various groups you may attend, or people you see out around your town. You are not really having people as part of your life, to be given to or to give to and serve. 

What bugs me about co-housing is it seems to be only something offered to the upper middle class and wealthier people. While I am sure some intentional communities would take healthy and young people with few assets who can dedicate their labors, when it comes to co-housing unless you have money, you aren't let in. It's something I wish was more open to other kind of people.

I believe these people are trying to reclaim what happened in neighborhoods 50 years ago. When people had families who were THERE and present in their lives and neighbors they actually KNEW and talked to. All the moving Americans have been forced to do, has ruined social ties and ruined community.

 Some people want lives with community in them. I have not been able to find community again in my life. That church I left here had none, it was basically a lecture society for the pastor.  I had community for a short time in my rural church in my old town and via an informal artists co-op and coffee shop. At both places we had shared meals. Here I have not been able to find that same world, and those communities I was in, in my old town ended.

I have talked to my husband about my desire to live in a co-housing community but now it seems poor people and especially disabled people are blocked out of them. It is still something where I look up the websites and dream about it.

 It was something I dreamed about but was not able to bring to fruition. My husband jokes about not being made to live with a 1,000 brother and sisters. I'm not sure he is into this style of life like me but he has admitted we are too socially isolated as well. He would definitely refuse to ever live in an intentional community, I don't want that either.  We need the privacy of our own dwelling space. I am too Aspie for a ton of roommates who share immediate living space with me. One has to be young and healthy too for most intentional communities.  Disabled people who can't do stairs, that's not happening.

Most co-housing places are limited to larger communities and more prevalent in some states then others. I know where the ones are in my state but two are in one wealthy large city area, and another is in another large city.

I would also need one where I would not be forced to adhere to a specific ideology. That is one issue, most of the co-housing intentional world is extremely leftist, not always Christian friendly though I am sure exceptions exist. There are Christian intentional communities, but there you have to be careful of cults, and some are of beliefs that differ from my own. People are social animals. While even being Aspie, I know a life full of more face to face relationships would be better for me, emotionally and physically. I believe more people are realizing something is wrong with modern American life and how socially disconnected it is and are trying to fix this. I still think about how could I fix this aspect of my life?

Senior Co-Housing 

Senior Co-housing book 

Co-housing Directory

Intentional Community Directory 

Trying to Get My Life in Order

I am working on trying to "fix" a few things though money is always a problem. I always wanted a dignified life.  Sometimes I think I would be okay if I had money to "get my crap together". This can be a constant battle. My recovery from narcissistic abuse would go a lot better with some money. As a Christian, I was convicted not to play Lotto, but now it feels like our only chance. We are too broke to buy a lot of Lotto tickets, but when my husband says lets buy one number, I don't feel as down on it as I used to. Seeing rich people with no imagination drives me nuts. If I ever had money, even the art projects could be enhanced.

It occurred to me that two dresses I sewed were both 15 years old. I also plan to repair a 17 year old skirt too this week. I found a dress I am going to take apart and resew as a pattern, but I need to go get some material and hoping I can afford it when I get my check. I also need to research how to make underwear.  If I can keep sewing, I may look good soon, I am working with scraps of a very old wardrobe.

How do I explain to my lymph therapist I don't want to wrap my feet because my carpets are dirty? She wants me to wrap around the feet. I don't live in a nice clean middle class apartment. My rugs are dirty in here.  I was going to get them cleaned this month by a steam cleaning company but then husband said, some of his pay was going to be lower. Things that need to be done are constantly moved back.

 I was too embarrassed to tell her why I don't want to wrap my feet. I hate having things on my feet too. I have not worn socks in 20 years. They don't make socks for women with size 13 feet and lipedema cankles. Even in the winter when I got outside in the 40s [I'm housebound in the lower 30s] I wear nothing on my feet.

I said, "I am too Aspie and hate having things on my feet' but she told I needed to do it to get rid of these lower bulges on the ankles. With one, she is getting me a farrow wrap. At least I will be spared wrapping one of the legs. I asked her, "Can I get a wrap for the left leg? I am sick of wrapping legs!"  She told me that leg is too far gone. There are times I feel like quitting wrapping. I know some Lipedema people who have. In my case, the punishment is too severe: too many infections. Fear fuels my wrapping compliance, but I get so sick of it honestly. I feel buried in bandages up to my nose.
My legs VISIBLY swell if I ignored them. Once I had to go to the bathroom while tied up in my Flexitouch, and ended the session midway through, and well, it gave me a funny leg bulge, where the fluid had not been pushed off yet. That part was growing massively before I got treatment and it's something that could have messed up my walking.  My body as a melting candle is so screwed. I told my husband, "You gotta get me back in the Flexitouch to even my leg back out!" It went down like usual. People can't even imagine.

We did join the food coop, this one gives us some meat. They may keep us from starvation. It is good I joined. The work was easy, all we have to do is box the food and sort it and I threw a box of salad dressing on my walker and separated it out. The people are friendly. A church on the poor side of town hosts it.

I still wish fresh vegetables and cheese were easier to come by. Food gets harder to afford. It scares me how much weight I keep on this body. I have involuntary food reduction all the time so what is exciting about voluntary food reduction to me?  I saved some small rolls for lunch and half a head of lettuce. I will cut up a green pepper and put some garbanzo beans on the lettuce for a salad.

I'm excited about my art class, and I'm going to a bible study tomorrow.  I have to do something about my growing social isolation. Even being Aspie, it is not healthy to spend every minute alone or us two Aspies [husband is not diagnosed but I believe has traits] alone with no one else to talk to. I know money stuff affected relationships. No money to go visit people. No money to do things for others. It drives me nuts. I am glad I found a few activities to go to.  These are free or near free activities. Finding stuff to do with no money can be hard but I do sometimes pull it off. One wants to have a life and to be able to do SOMETHING with it.

My social isolation during housebound months got pretty extreme. When it got hot the other day, I almost lost it. The weather seems to be turning more feral. Fall is not coming to my state. It's kind of scary. Someone told me it's supposed to drop 20 degrees next week. I hope so!

Amy Slayton Youtube

How did a video of a fat woman eating Dairy Queen get over 14,000 views?

I discovered this weird Youtube channel, don't even know where or how I found it but it's these two fat sisters who seem to be trying to promote every bad stereotype about fat people in the world. The sister Tammy Slayton who is ill enough to be put in the nursing home looks like she has some kind of serious genetic or other disorder.

They eat bad food right on camera, and even hold junk food eating contests. I am disturbed. It doesn't help my life when bad stereotypes about fat people are promoted like this. I am realistic enough to know that there are fat people with eating disorders. One can see the bad physical effects of modern American food that even go beyond weight.

"An Alien in Alien-nation"

I could see the road ahead of me. I was poor and I was going to stay poor. But I didn't particularly want money. I didn't know what I wanted. Yes, I did. I wanted someplace to hide out, someplace where one didn't have to do anything. The thought of being something didn't only appall me, it sickened me. The thought of being a lawyer or a councilman or an engineer, anything like that, seemed impossible to me. To get married, to have children, to get trapped in the family structure. To go someplace to work every day and to return. It was impossible. To do things, simple things, to be part of family picnics, Christmas, the 4th of July, Labor Day, Mother's Day...was a man born just to endure those things and then die? I would rather be a dishwasher, return alone to a tiny room and drink myself to sleep."
~ Charles Bukowski

I wish he didn't drink himself to death, but one wonders what degree of trauma Bukowski faced. I'd lay down money that he was at the very least a fellow ACON. In his case, one can see some real toxic behaviors that came out with the alcoholism and more. I always thought Bukowski was an ACON.

Normal life feels impossible to me. I do have thoughts how did I end up an "out-liner"? How did it happen to my husband who once had the title "assistant newspaper editor"? Normal life even for me, seems so far away. There's no family picnics or Mother's Day for me. It makes you wonder. Some of us seem to have the very door of life closed on us. Bukowski kind of more had more choice about it, but the guy was definitely messed up at some early stage. It made for good poetry, but he ended up outside civilization's walls too.