Wednesday, October 22, 2014

World's Biggest Boy

Hitler finds out Ebola landed in Dallas

The irony is deep in this one, I don't agree with the free hand-out line but the rest says a lot. I know this has woken up a lot of people but the Kool-Aid drinkers who ignore the moon suits and try to tell me Ebola isn't easy to catch floor me.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Obama Does Not Care About Americans

The only thing that makes sense is he wants to ACTIVELY DESTROY this country for the global elites. Remember Ebola has a 70% death rate. All the people who warned about this guy were called "conspiracy theorists". I want to vomit at all the graveyard whistlers on my Facebook, all funnily Kool-Aid drinking Democrats not independent thinking ones, who tell me how HARD Ebola is to get. Funny, so hard to get, but your doctor and nurses have to dress like they are going to the moon! Yeah right!

Just so you know AFRICAN countries have instituted a TRAVEL BAN and CARIBBEAN ISLAND NATIONS. 

No one will be helped letting EBOLA SPREAD MORE. 

Aspie Conversation II

From the Girl With the Curly Hair:

Oh my goodness yes. There are Aspie friendly NTs who like deep conversation but I often find myself thinking of some neurotypicals how is all that shallow small talk enough for them? Maybe they get fulfillment off the body gestures and other nuances as one commenter brought up. Maybe all the reading between the lines does it for them? I am not sure. I know with my family, my desire for deep conservation was a totally unmet need except for with  the "Aunt That Loved Me".  I made them angry just being who I was, this worsened of course by their narcissism. Those who want to "keep it light" are angered by me easily. I find myself frustrated and bored though with the years by these types, I learned to dampen things down a bit for social ease.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cartoon College: Wish I Could Go!

If I won the Lotto, I'd go to Vermont and get some comics training. Of course I have to see this movie. Anyhow I still work on that comic I talked about a long time ago. It's slow going like my comic opus, but continuing. There is something like 80 panels in the can.  Imagine a pictorial version of everything I talk about on here with ironic humor tossed in.

Narcissist No Contact Maintenance

All good reminders for No Contact Maintenance.

More Kidney Problems....

I have to get an MRI [hope I fit and can over come the lying down problems though a non-head scan is easier] because they found a renal lesion. This is to outrule kidney cancer though they
think chances are it is a kidney cyst. I do not know what to think yet.

What is odd is I had constant scans because of the kidney stones and this is the first time they have seen it. There were no stones via my medicines, but they found a 2 centimeter kidney lesion. Has anyone else had an experience like this? I would like to hear about it. In 2004, because of odd hormones, I even had a CT of my adrenals and kidneys for adrenal tumors, but none were found.

Like I don't have enough bad medical stuff to deal with? I ask myself "How can one body have so much wrong with it?". Please pray for me. I hope it is just a cyst they don't have to do anything about. I have had weird kidney problems over the last two years and fear even the affect of medications for other conditions.