Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Digestion System Has Checked Out

Normal people lose weight with Crohn's, colitis or whatever has affected me. Not me. Today I can eat OK. Other days, this isn't so true. The very idea of food brings nothing but heartache. It is scary when projectile vomiting and intense abdominal pain is pre-diagnosed as a "spastic colon/mucous colitis" but could be possible Crohn's. I have to consider a colonoscopy, but am holding off for now. As people know my trust of the medical world and it's procedures is not the highest, I find myself thinking will being this overweight put me at greater risk, where they could puncture a bowel unused to a patient of my size? I may try all holistic health endeavors first. I am in shock I haven't lost weight, from puking up at least 2 days worth of food a week, and having my appetite diminished. By the way dry heaves are very unpleasant.

The intermittent attacks make no sense either, I find myself flipping through the Merck Manual to figure out what the problem is. Bentyl works and kills all the pain, so the gallbladder via that and a scan is ruled out. Could it be stress derived? Going from normal some days [today is a normal day and I've eaten a normal breakfast and lunch], to throwing up even water and pills is scary. Every meal is a science project, will this make me sick? Will I be able to handle a dry sirloin roast beef sandwich? Is this ground turkey too greasy? Even apple sauce made me hurl the other day.

I'm running a 3/7 ratio on sick vs. well days. All spicy stuff, dairy, oils, MSG has been removed from the diet as much as possible. I've noticed when I eat organic food I feel better when I can afford it. What scares me is doctors probably will not believe what I eat AGAIN, which in this case could endanger my life once more.

I'm having other symptoms too, extreme fatigue, and my mind feels like pudding on the day before and after the attacks. The abdominal pain is like a horse kicking me in the middle. Thank God relief comes with pills and time. I try to enjoy the days, I feel half way normal on. Today is one. I need to find out what is going on.

By the way, I had these attacks sort of like this about 12 years ago without the vomiting and for a far shorter time, I stopped them, figuring out by trial and error, I was allergic to eggs and removing all eggs from the diet. This is why I had to remove dairy too acouple years ago. Sometimes medically one has to solve their own problems but this one may be moving beyond me.

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  1. update, I have cut out processed food, and all dairy, even the whey, and other garbage they sneak into processed foods and am doing far better.