Friday, July 8, 2011

Taking a Walk

Before I had my weight gain, I used to LOVE walking, sadly was still far too fat, but would walk 2-3 miles for FUN. This would include walking downtown from a medium sized city apt, to walking along a waterfront. If there is any activity I miss the most it is the ability to walk freely. I pray, that days could come back where I could walk again like that.

I can get halfway across the apt complex. Well about a year and half ago, I couldnt even walk down the hall to the end door, then I got home physical therapy and they taught me how to build myself up slowly. When a fat person goes walking sometimes you can get afraid. I have very bad balance and use a cane to keep balance, but sometimes the thought occurs, what happens if I fall down, will someone be able to get me up? Will I be able to crawl to the picnic table and hoist myself up? But its better to keep going even with the risks. I know many people my size cannot walk at all or even use a normal bathtub without a bath bench. Today I am going to take a walk too. I may be stuck inside the apt halls but better then nothing due to heat. I have noticed the stamina has increased but hit a wall of tiredness where I start coughing and wheezing a bit, and that happened yesterday, well at least made it far further then before.

Some do seem to do better with more exercise, well I don't know how this will work or not work. The doctors say I walk far better then I used to.

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