Saturday, September 23, 2017

If You are Disabled: The Republican Party is Your Enemy

                                     [one of my latest protest posters]

Well I know they are trying to repeal ACA again, and along with it, trying to make massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. The jerks don't want to give up! I don't know how anyone can support the Republican party anymore unless they have a serious lack of empathy. It would be different if the Republican party offered any other options but "Go die". Trump was pissed at McCain today. The big baby narcissist is ranting and raving on his low IQ and vocabulary tweets. It seems brain cancer has given McCain a little bit of empathy that Trump lacks. I am hoping Trumpcare fails again.

A Shift to Block Grants is a Threat to People with Disabilities


  1. Senator Susan Collins of Maine announced yesterday that she could not support Cassidy-Graham bill because it does not protect people who have pre-existing conditions and it cuts too much on Medicaid and Medicare. The Republicans who are voting for misanthropic bills and laws are malignant narcissists and enjoy attention they get from media and people who complain about them.

  2. I am a walking pre existing condition.

  3. Ha! If you're not filthy stinking Rich, the Republican party is your enemy! And yet millions of people continue to line up at the polls and vote against their own interests. How I wish I could understand.

    1. I wish I understood too. Sadly many have church pastors telling them the Republican party is "God's party" The new tax laws are very scary, and we learned about one that may influence us, they want to crush everyone they can. People need to stand up. I'll protest as much as my health allows me too and on here.