Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Comments I agree with on WLS

Wanted to show these, I was reading more comments from the previous article I blogged on..."Bariatric surgery doesn't help obese live longer"
This one I totally agree with. I often asked what is the difference between locking someone in a room and giving them very little food or locking up [chopping up the stomach]? There is no difference. It is basically forced anorexia, though I have heard from some WLS patients the head hunger never ends.

The surgery causes the body to lose weight because it makes a person anorexic (as in not able to take in adequate calories)... by drastically cutting down on the amount of food the person can take in. Not taking on adequate nutrition and calories causes the body to use excess fat AND MUSCLE as fuel... just as would happen if the person cut down portion sizes on their own. It is a forced portion control. The health problems caused BY THE SURGERY are from malnutrition because of the forced portion control. Sure, the weight is lost... however... it is not typically the healthy weight loss of someone eating normal portions (as in not super-sized portions) of healthy food. These people are having less than normal portions of many times, unhealthy foods. So... it isn't news at all that the people having this surgery aren't having their lifespan extended. It is trading obesity for starvation. And yes... they are starving their bodies of needed nutrients although they may not feel "starved". Someone who loses more than 2 pounds per week on a consistant basis is not losing just fat... they are losing and weakening their muscles as well. The main muscle that tends to fail on those who starve themselves is the heart. With a weakened, damaged heart muscles... their life will be shortened.

If gastric bypass works for you... it is only because you cannot overeat... it isn't a magic cure... it is a dangerous procedure that trades obesity for anorexia. Not mental anorexia... but physical anorexia.

Look up the side effects of gastric bypass (not the ones having to do with the week or two after surgery, but the longer term effects)... compare them to the physical symptoms of anorexia... you will see what I'm talking about.

Oh as you read the other comments, ignore the people who think fat people should just suck it up and eat 500 calories a day to be thin, that is not going to work either. A big fat body needs even more nutrients a day, the body will be demanding more food. For some of us, the metabolism drops if the food is dropped too low.

I believe in nutrition, nutrition keeps people alive. The diabolical side of the diet-industry complex is really shown for what it is, when they deny such a basics as nutrition to try and make fat people into thin ones.

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