Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fat Women and Beauty Salons

Notice how tight those chairs are? If a woman is over 200lbs, that'd be a tight fit. Many of the salons give the message that they do not want you if you weight over 250lbs. How do they do this? Well you walk in and you see the thinnest chairs ever with these hard wooden arms. This happened to me recently even after I made it up the short staircase in the front. How many fat women over 300lbs know that they are not welcome to the beauty salon? It is a world that is lost pretty early on. Here there is a nail salon wanting to charge every fat patron, an extra 5 dollars. And you wonder why are all their chairs made for thinner people when the population has grown more fat? I haven't had a professional hair cut in 7 years, mostly doing my own trimming, in my previous community I had a friend who could cut hair. My hair lately is not growing anyway, [I didn't need a haircut for 6 years during my weight gain at all] and is falling out again but for fat women who want to look pretty like other women, why do they make it so hard. When I see a 20 year old salon, with those tight sitting wooden chairs, that a friend of mine who is around 250lbs can barely fit in, that tells me they are saying "We do not want you!". I could not be the first fat woman who has ever entered that salon. They are turning women away out there. Here is another woman, basically told to get out of a salon who is filing a discrimination suit. Hey I am open enough to use ANOTHER chair in case they are afraid for their 3,000 dollar pedicure chair, but what I have noticed is they OFFER NO OTHER OPTIONS. Why does every chair in the place have to have arms on it? Part of me thinks that has to be on purpose.
You know its tough lately, I am trying to get out more when weather allows, and this is such a hard world for the very fat [I am glad I can do a few steps again, this wasn't possible a few years ago] and to be faced with this stuff, to me, it goes beyond ignorance explaining this all.

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