Thursday, June 16, 2011

Driving Makes You Fat?

"Study Says Driving Correlated With Obesity"
Remember all my talking on this blog about how the modern American lifestyle, is toxic on so many levels? Hey there is nothing wrong with cars or taking trips I don't want to go back to the horses,and trust me the public transportation system for fat people is beyond a nightmare, but who ever thought driving an hour each way to work, was ever a good idea?

"There is an interesting statistical link between driving and obesity, but it’s not clear exactly what this link means. It certainly doesn’t automatically mean that taking public transportation is physically healthier for you than driving. As Anne Lowery noted in Slate, any long commute is bad for you, no matter what mode of transportation you’re using. The problem isn’t driving, so much as having to cover long distances on a daily basis:

In the past decade or so, researchers have produced a significant body of research measuring the dreadfulness of a long commute. People with long transit times suffer from disproportionate pain, stress, obesity, and dissatisfaction. The joy of living in a big, exurban house, or that extra income left over from your cheap rent? It is almost certainly not worth it."

The stress raises cortisol levels, think about how you feel in traffic, its the most harmful kind of low grade burning slowly but not ending stress.. Ah one thing I miss about my old rural town is the lack of traffic jams, the peace and quiet could send me back TOMORROW.

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