Friday, July 6, 2012

Those Were the Days!

Ah can you imagine this today?

I guess back then when life was still normal and the food not chemically laden people had to worry more about not being TOO THIN...


  1. hi, I want to comment on being too thin. When I was a young woman, I went on a popular pretty healthy diet plan. I lost about 30 pounds. I looked really good, but if I got down 125, I got physically ill and lost my I had to stay at about 130.

    Being thin did have consequences for me. If I went to dinner with people, and I didn't eat soon enough, I would get very faint because I had no excess energy to fall back on. I could not give blood; if I donated blood, I would actually faint, and not be able to do it.and I was not razor thin.

    Finally, in my 40s, my Dr. told me, after tests, that I was going through early menopause. It was so early to do that, she put me on estrogen and progesterone for 10 years, fearing that I would lose bone mass. I read, in a science book, about how being thin affects your hormones. Women who are thin are more likely to go through menopause earlier than women of normal weight or fat. It is because you don't have enough weight to keep your hormonal supply somehow. I was going through early menopause, because I had been dieting all my life and tried to be thin.

    not only that, I found out some very heavy relatives, women, of mine, were actually told by their doctors they were very healthy. (Opposite popular medical opinion.) – Because they were getting more nutrients, vitamins, etc., because they put in more food than the average person or the dieter. Thus, they actually got more good nutrients then other people! Doctors were amazed and couldn't figure it out.THIN people were supposed to be healthier! Not worse!

    while there were good things about keeping my weight down, the thing that helped the most was being a semi vegetarian, keeping my fat low,eating whole grains, and just eating really good food fruits and vegetables. You don't have to be thin and on a diet to do that!

    So you do not have to be thin and dieting all the time, to be healthy. A moderate weight, or even slightly chubby is healthy; I was told by my doctor. The weight that makes one unhealthy, is severe's hard on your heart, and the rest of your organs. However, you don't have to be razor thin, the above, moderate or even slightly chubby is very healthy.and if you have a medical problem that keeps you heavy, such as thyroid problems,it is definitely not your fault.the goal is to be a HEALTHY WEIGHT, not razor thin!

    To end this, I also found out that the shape that men are most attracted to, is not the razor thin one,it is the curvy, hourglass shaped, even slightly chubby. (It was in statistics.)if you don't believe me, ask a bunch of men. You'll be surprised. Thank you, I'm ending this, and don't pay attention to the fashion industry, they can all go to hell!

  2. Thanks for sharing what being thin is like, I never imagined that hypoglycemia could come faster because there are no reserves to draw on interesting...Yeah if you do not weight enough you can't give blood and I have heard early menopause will come to the very thin. I was tested for it, but they said, "NO" hard to tell with the PCOS since I do not get periods but very seldom. The very thin women can get osteoporsis far easier too. Do you feel you have a fast metabolism keeping you thin? Hey if it keeps some very fat why not the opposite?
    Interesting about your bigger relatives, I think there is a level of fat, for midsized but not too big people where they are hale and hearty. I believe the more nutrients the better. I see people who've had WLS etc, or severe dieting and they always look a little "grey" around the edges to me.

    I agree with you that no one has to be thin to be healthy. I do think my extreme is out of ballpark, I did cross the rubicon into unhealthiness from fat.

    But in my case so much CAUSED the weight, the lungs going bad, the endocrine, etc. My lungs checked out prior to the weight gain, I always forget that, and one pulmonary doctor told me severe asthmatics can put on weight simply because they can't oxygenate as well.

    I would like one day to be 300lbs. I somehow seem to be unable to do that, but yeah I know I will never be thin with my problems.

    I do think men are attracted to curvy women. I have found that to be true. I do think they mostly want their women healthy but it is a myth that men all want anorexic models. I get hit on you know on occasion, it makes me laugh since I am so sick, and I thought even the would be fat admirers would find me too old and too far gone with the cane, but had it happen even a few months ago. My husband remains physically attracted to me even despite my bad health which I am not sure every disabled and aging woman could say.

    LOL about the fashion industry, actually I don't like the clothes they are pumping out either to put on all the waifs.