Monday, July 9, 2012

I Love Antiques

What would be a dream job for me? Probably an antiques dealer.

But then I probably would want to keep all the things.

Economically I am not able to afford many antiques, but when I can find them cheap, I get them. My apartment has Victorian photos, old paintings and pictures plastered around it. Even as I write this, there is an 1800's McCall's framed picture right above me, next to one of my paintings.

One close friend of mine works in estate sales, and I get antiques from her every now and them.  I bought a nice Victorian picture for a dollar.  I like going through what people call Ephemera, old papers, letters and more from the old days. The other day, I went to an antique sale and bought a box of letters--here my interest in stamp collecting merged, and it was actually very fun to go through everything. I have a Victorian picture collection as well.

I find the things of yesteryear to be more beautiful. The craftsmanship is better. Often I feel like I was born in the wrong time, though the rational side of me thinks "How long would you have lasted without air conditioning and antibiotics?"

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