Friday, June 9, 2017

My Posts to Ollie Matthews Regarding His Support of Trump

It's no surprise he's losing subscribers.  People are having some cognitive dissonance, me included over his avid support of narcissist Trump.

I have many friends who don't like Trump and some are independents like me. I ask myself "How could someone not see through Trump?" It does bother me. I think Ollie is sincere, but I used to make my own internet visits in the alt-right world until I figured out most of Zero Hedge seemed to have every conversation steered by a bunch of astro-turfers. They shut up anyone who talked about how hard it was to make a living today or questioned the prison industrial system.

On boards like those, I noticed there was real denial about the economic life I lived in and a total hatred for any disabled people, we were all called mooches who should just go die. My being disabled set me apart from this world in an instant.

The alt-right world would make some true charges about Hillary Clinton and the mind prison of political correctness but their racism which grew by the years, was nauseating from the start.

Remember I wrote that article questioning why the left pushes the idea of white supremacy and believe it causes more racism, but that doesn't excuse the blatant racism on the right, so many of those websites seemed to love Charles Murray theories about other races and poor whites, that they all  supposedly have "lower IQs" [google "The Bell Curve" and "Coming Apart: The State of White America"] and that is why they have failed to "win" in the cut-throat capitalist world. There is manipulation and EVIL on both sides and it is spiritual. 

Unfriending someone over differences in politics isn't good, since I hate both parties this would mean a lot more social problems but Ollie's support of Trump is odd to me. Trump is so obviously narcissistic in what he says, his facial expressions and more, how can someone not see it? This is not a man who worked his way up from the trenches but was born with a silver spoon in his mouth from his father who was a real estate mogul.

Could our experiences as ACONs influence our politics as adults? I wondered aloud if Ollie, faced some die-hard narc Democrats growing up? I dealt with the hard core Tea Party set who called me a loser and hated the disabled,  but then I also had some Democrat narc relatives angry about me being a Christian and questioning political correctness.  Politics has grown more confusing by the minute too, with them steering every demographic into their "place",  will I have to do "hold my nose" votes for a party I can't stand, just due to sheer survival? The Republican party is clear about their beliefs, that my life as a disabled person is wortheless to them.

Ollie is not religious from what I can tell, so why does he support the politician that is in with the Dominionists and religious right. With my time in independent fundamentalist baptist churches, this is a world I know well.  Trump is in with all sorts of hardcore religious right groups, ones I never could stand because of their support for the police state and rejection of civil liberties.

I know trying to change someone's political mind often can be a waste of time, but I left a few comments on Ollie's videos. One thing with his coming out so stridently for Trump, some other ACONs have questioned this too, why can't you see that this man is a narcissist?

Sometimes political fleas can crop up. Do some fall into the "might makes right" philosophies due to narcissistic abuse? Do some want to honor the "strong man" who teaches less empathy where "winning is everything? All good questions. Being disabled in this economic and political climate is very frightening from my end of things. [Sorry for misspellings in posts below, I had posted them quickly]

Here's an article for you Ollie,please read it. This guy is like me and knows the left scammed us too:

"You're spot on with narcissism Ollie, so I won't stop watching due to disagreements politically, but please research Trump more. Alex Jones is a shill, and the alt-right just another scam to get the working class and others in America to bow before the bankers and billionaires who own both sides, Koch equals Soros, etc.The Republican party is in with the crazies including the Dominionists and it's growing worse. Yeah the Democrat party sucks too and Hillary is a crook, but so are the rest of them on the other side. It sucks to realize the whole system is a put on and I know it's easier to "choose a side" but they are ALL betraying us. 

Trump didn't do anyway with NAFTA, he appointed 5 Goldman Sachs people same as Hillary would and Obama did, both parties support the Plan For a New American Century wars---next up Iran, and any country without a centralized bank tied into the globalist system. 4.8 billion spent on Middle Eastern wars instead of USA infrastructure and Trump is doing nothing to stop that either. 

Donald Drumpf sold himself as a populist to the economically oppressed and people sick of the Democrat's focus on identity politics and ignoring of economic realities, the betrayal is already in. I didn't vote for him but how someone can't see the betrayal Trump is part of, is mind boggling to me. Hey I know it's easier to believe one side "is for us" but they BOTH SUCK."

I responded to another commenter here:

I hope Ollie is open to discussion, I have been a little worried over some of my comments, and I am no defender of Clinton and pals being ignored.:/ Sometimes it is disappointing to see so many people become excuse makers for the system. Maybe Ollie has extreme narc Democrats he dealt with, but I had extreme Narc Tea Partiers who told me everyone who didn't make money were "losers" and told me to go into the gutter because I was disabled.I have to admit I am very disappointed in Ollie's political views. I have studied politics as a hobby, and well, many do not see through the entire theatre show. Hasn't Ollie even seen a website online that has spoken of the "new world order" and no I don't mean owned and controlled conspiracy stuff [9-11 was an inside job], but knowing how the system really works.

There are surface differences but the flight path for more consolidation of wealth for the ultra elite, stronger police state, endless wars to centralize banks, and tyranny remain the same. There's a reason Clinton and Bush golfed together. Trump went to Clinton weddings. It's SHOWTIME to fool you and me. I sometimes wish Ollie, could go a bit deeper and understand how the system works.

The fix was put in for the chess-pieces to be reshuffled by the elite, this is why the timing for Brexit and Trump came together all at once. Just like Clinton had Podesta and her spirit cookers, Trumps put on the shows too.

I do wish that alt-right people figured out they are being scammed too, taught to blame other races, and the "disabled" who they call "parasites" in service to the elite, people voting for their own demise. There will be NOTHING replacing the social safety net the Republicans hope to remove and people will die. Republicans are as much hypocrites as Democrats, refusing to address problems with the job market, and how people are hired and fired and our dropping wages. 

There are people on both sides, who know we are being scammed. The Democratic party betrayed the working class. Trump is betraying the working class and poor. I'm not going to choose a side, they both suck. The elite use the Machivallian crap like with that frog getting people to blame other races instead of realizing who the real culprits to all the oppression are.


  1. I have acquired a lot of useful information from his video's. But if you couldn't tell trump was a braying Jack ass up front. That makes me leery of anything you might say after that. I used to ask my mother about old family history and try to shore the myths up with the truth of what really happened waaaay back. I thought I was learning things about how we were back in the old days. But once I found out she was a stinking liar it cast a shadow of doubt on every thing she ever said. Things that might have been true. Catching her in an obvious lie made me realize all of her truth's were suspect.

    1. I have liked his videos for years and gotten a lot of good information too. I don't get this, why protest the oppression of narcissists and then defend the OPPRESSION of TRUMP? I am giving benefit of the doubt for now, we all have our blind spots. LOL I posted a bunch today, but don't want to argue about it too long and have it go nowhere. So much of politics is lies now, making heads and tails of anything is tough, I certainly will understand a big of confusion, but to look at Trump and not see the narcissism shown so nakedly, how can he miss that? It's hard for me to understand. I know I am a more "conspiracy" minded person, but yeah it does make me more leery. Maybe I've studied too many weird conspiracy things where information is so manipulated. My Aspie mind probably goes some strange places, but how on earth could someone support Trump who knows about NPD?

      I know admitting the system on both sides is broken is a hard step for many to make. I 'get it", I sometimes wish I could ignore reality and have "hope" in one side, I just follow the rule to stand up for what is right by individual case and issue, it is all I can do.

  2. I'm with you on this: scratching my head about Ollie's inability to see the narcissism in our present political leader. Grrumph...

    1. lise,

      welcome to the blog. I liked your recent article on sociopaths. Check out this article
      I wrote thanks. With Ollie, I am totally confused. Trump is like the caricature of a narcissist. Thanks.

  3. I'd never listened to Ollie before but after reading these comments about how great his non Trump vids were, I went and ended up listening to a phone conversation he had with his mother. WOW. I figured it was going to make me depressed but she is so over the top crazy that it was very helpful to listen to. Actually her shrieking and constant contradicting of herself made me laugh, in a positive way. Even while it reminded me of the insane shrieking of my own father. Also I have to say, your blog is a kind of political education for me, I always have to go look terms up you use like Zero Hedge and astroturfer and end up learning a lot. I'm curious if you liked Bernie who now I'm sorry I didn't vote for - but if you don't want to get into Bernie here on the blog, never mind - I totally get that!

    1. Yeah thats the notorious video, I always wished I had gotten Queen Spider on tape, but one party recordings aren't legal here. She definitely is over the top, no doubt of that. I remember laughing at some parts. His brother or father showing up on his channel with the weird name Bunny Rabbit is a bit much. Thanks, I have studied politics for a hobby though I am kind of on a break now from current events. I used to read all the Trumpkin websites, and read the other sides too. There's a lot of crazy stuff going on. Bernie would have been perferable,I don't agree with him on everything, hated that he went to the Vatican but all of them make those rounds, but at least he seemed to have a few ideas that went beyond just pushing everyone into severe poverty. I know life would be a lot better being a disabled person with Bernie as president instead. And you know I am not a typical leftist, but yeah, he is the only one who deviated from the enriching the 1 percent formula. HIllary I believe did steal the election from him, they got so many built in lies super delegates....ugh....I believe our presidents are selected not elected as I told Ollie, and well Bernie they never were going to give a chance to.

  4. I remember Ollie dealt with nasty child custody battles with his narc parents and ex-wife. Maybe these people supported Clinton or claimed they are liberal Democrats. Ollie is an ACON who is dealing with issues as we do. His naive support of Trump is an example of his fleas or PTSD.

    1. Yeah as you see in the above, I questioned that. For some definitely having a narc family impose one political view could put in a flea that definitely rebounds.