Saturday, June 10, 2017

Propaganda Article Against the Disabled


Generations Disabled

Let me do a list on this one.

1. Unruly kids kill or seriously maim a puppy right in front of the reporter. Dogs which cost money to take care of run all over the house.

2. Four generations of the same family are on disability.

3. There's implied eugenics, as the reporter expresses outrage over  a woman with Mosaic Down's Syndrome having multiple children out of wedlock.

4. The house is "messy", full of unhealthy food and of course they spend 300 a month on cell phones to get the heritage foundation sorts up in arms.

5. They live in a trailer.

6. The reporter stresses them having the attitude of "trying to scam" the system when it comes to the disabled kids. I don't know if the kids are really disabled or not but it helps the propaganda, of the teeming hordes supposedly teaching their kids to grow-up and draw a check. It's the single welfare mother propaganda of the 1980s.

7. They are deemed irresponsible and lazy.  

8. The matriarch is on her fourth divorce.

9. How many Honey Boo-Boo stereotypes can you count?

There's a reason this family was chosen to be written about as a picture of disability in America. Supposedly to Republicans all disabled people are bums and ready to rip off the system. They are supposedly all uneducated, "breeding" too much, and all mooches to the system. This is the kind of article that is written, to get people up in arms.

It is hard to get disability but the population doesn't know it, they think you can show up at the doctor's office,and say "I have a bad back, get me disability doctor", and boom, you get a check every month. Most people are getting turned down, even people in really bad shape. Today it is near impossible to get disability. Two years to get through the system is not an unknown.

This article was posted on Yahoo too, just read the comments, people are ready to string up the disabled and the cries for sterilization run rampant and screams of "get a job" ring from the rafters. I can't find the comments now, maybe they took them down.

One thing about political agendas, they know how to manipulate the masses. The masses are being manipulated to hate the disabled and to all for them to be cut off so Republican billionaires can have more money.  Life for the disabled is getting scary. We are being deemed "non-people". One thing you will note about the Republican party is inclusion for the disabled who can still work has dropped so they are a bunch of damn hypocrites.

There is so much stigma for disability,I keep my mouth shut about being disabled. I've had people right in front of me insult people on welfare and disability checks.

 All I got to do is look at my husband, his last good job threw him out the week I went on the supplemental insurance.We know his moderate health problems closed him out of the work world for good necessitating his freelance work. These hypocrites will scream about the bums of disability, but for people in good enough shape to actually work, do you see any of them getting a job? Do you see any job placement programs anymore? I sure don't.

What could this woman or her developmentally disabled daughter do for work? Age discrimination would be in full froth for her and the daughter, may get 2 bucks an hour or a little more down at the Goodwill. In the land of no options, people grab at whatever straws they can grab at. The jobs system has FAILED.

One guy who was a disabled professor raged at this article. He's fed up too like I am with the propaganda and put downs. He talked about how he paid into the system and was hardworking so why is he being shamed through an article like this one? Isn't it bad enough they are denying our costs of living for our barebones living? We have to get smacked around as the scapegoats now for all that is wrong with America?

One guy on Reddit, posted this:

 "Those kids are so doomed. This is the cycle of poverty people talk about, it just has a white, rural face to it.

Per the title, it definitely will continue. Sure, some of them are "lazy" people who won't get a job. But the economy of rural America continues to hollow out, and it appears many are turning to disability. Either the jobs aren't there, or the jobs are so bad (in terms of the actual work and the pay received) it's preferable to find a way to get onto disability. And then it's no surprise they're mentally dysfunctional when they have to live that way -- few people like to live off the government like that, with no purpose or direction in life. So then they swallow tons of pills to cope with whatever mental illness arises.

I only see the problem getting worse. Jobs continue to migrate to urban areas, and despite Trump winning the hearts of rural voters, it appears his policies (or the Republicans' policies) will do little to reverse or stem the further hollowing out of rural America.

I can't even begin to imagine how much self-driving cars will devastate rural America in the next decade or two. So many areas are reliant on passing truckers. When it's automated trucks flying on through, there'll be no one to buy lunch at the diner or to buy items at the gas station, not even considering how many rural people are truckers themselves who will be out of a job."

I don't agree with this guy that the cities are any better but the rest of his post makes sense. The job system is failing, people are grasping at straws in some cases. However along with those people are those who are really disabled.  I have seen many people become disabled from the stresses of low paid manual labor jobs, that offer low pay, little medical insurance and that are unstable. Poverty ITSELF makes people disabled. Think about my life, if I had not been abused or medically neglected and had earlier diagnosis or treatment, the trajectory of my life could have gone completely different. I worked hard even going to school for a second degree but I never found that economic stability one needs to have good health.

 Unless you are a slim technocrat, or a member of the monied classes, poverty awaits in America. This is a huge percentage of the population. One thing I am noticing with the Republican party is no one is addressing reality or the lack of jobs. No one is speaking of job placement programs for disabled people who CAN work. Instead the answer remains, "just go die in the gutter."

No one is asking "Why are so many people getting sick?" Maybe because we live in a sick society? That's the giant elephant in the room.


  1. I would love to comment but I am driving to my yoga class and drinking my 5 dollar latte mocha

  2. And drinking the coffee while I drive through Starbucks on the way to pick my fraudulently acquired disability check.

    1. LOL how dare you drink coffee, don't you know disabled people are allowed...[well that's how some of those conservatives talk....

  3. I want to go to Maine and live with that Hermit guy

    1. lol sounds good to me, if i was healthy and younger, we'd be dropping out long ago.

  4. The author is this author, Terrence McCoy, is a paid shill who wrote an article entitled "Disabled or Desperate?" several months ago.

    I remember hearing same craps about mothers on welfare during Reagan administration in the 1980s. Now, with Trump as President and Republican leading Congress, they plan to cut back on Social Security Disability income for those who used to work. Most of these people do not do well in the narc ruled working world. If you Google "Terrence McCoy," you will find his articles demonizing poor people and that he wrote controversial articles of lies about Ebola Epidemic in 2014 that convinced angry voters to vote for Republicans in the House and the Senate rather than Democrats. At that time, fake news claimed Obama conspired with Muslims from Africa to create a disease call Ebola and he allowed some infected people to move to the United States. Many Americans were angry about Ebola epidemics in the United States that they voted for Republicans. After the election ended, the news about Ebola disappeared!

    1. I am embarrassed now I believed some of the Ebola stuff, they were scaring a lot of people and exaggerating the death, I think they lied about people coming here and spreading it. :( Some conspiracy people think Ebola is a manufactured disease, I don't know about that, but this was definitely propaganda, to stir people up and manipulate them. I rejected a lot of right wing propaganda but I feel like I am deprogramming a bit from what the IFB church world shoved down my throat,ie: there were Christian websites sounding the alarms about a lot of things that were flat out lies, and Ebola was one of them.

      I wrote about Ollie but I always have hope people can see through some of the nonsense. I guess they wanted to influence for racism there, giving people negative pictures of "deep dark Africa" and talking about people eating "bush meat" [how much choice do the starving have?']If he wrote about the Ebola Epidemic, I don't think much of him because they panicked so many people.I noticed all the Ebola stuff went poof.Yes they aren't just going after SSI and disability for kids, but SSD even professional people who became disabled.I agree with you he is a paid shill.

      So much of our news is influenced, on both sides, it is hard to figure out what is true or not true. With Ebola, this was after some of my fear stuff here, I actually went to a Nigerian website and asked them what was going on in Africa, I didn't have the totally right country but figured they would know more. [had to find English speaker board] They said things were being exaggerated, I want to know if Venezuela is really burning down and if people are eating zoo animals.

      When I get time need to find some of them. Maybe that is propaganda to keep "evil socialism" away rah rah vote for more hard capitalist kids. I can do my questions in Spanish using some help of translator for a harder word. It sucks, we can't even trust our own news anymore. yes the working world has gone full narc!