Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reader Survey and Feedback

Please respond in comments. I didn't want to mess with widgets and all that. I want to get reader feedback on the blog. Sometimes bloggers should do this to see where things are going. My traffic has remained pretty steady but I think especially this long in, it's good to get some feedback.

This is an informal survey, sorry I have no prize to offer at this moment but the opportunity to present your opinion. Be nice, some criticism is allowed but narc comments like "You aren't positive enough"  or "Why are you still fat?" aren't going up. All questions are optional you can respond to any you wish or not.

1. How Long Have you read the Five Hundredpoundpeep blog? [the blog started in 2010]

2. How did you find the Fivehundredpoundpeep blog?

3. List in Order of Preference your preferred subjects to read about:

A. Fat and Obesity Issues
B. ACON Adult Children of Narcissists Subjects and Peep's Personal Experiences
C. Cultural and Political Topics 
D .Economic Topics 
E. Lipedema
F. Aspergers
G. Disability Issues
H. Peep Art Work and Photography

4. What is your favorite article that Peep has ever written?

5. What is your least favorite article that Peep has ever written?

6. What are some subjects you would like to see written about?

7. Do you want to be a guest blogger? 

8. I am an ACON...YES OR NO

9. I am a fat person....YES or NO

10. I have Lipedema like Peep YES or No 

11. I am an Aspie...YES OR NO

12. What other blogs do you like to read?

13. What other websites are your favorites?

14.Any other feedback you want to share.


  1. I'll be but for now I am going to have to defer to the younger and more energetic among us.

  2. 1. Several years, not quite sure how long
    2. Through house of mirrors
    3. BHD then all about the same
    4. Maybe False Forgiveness, but hard to choose
    5. I don't have a problem with anything you write, but I sometimes skip the longer political posts
    6. I like ACON advice and thoughts
    7. no
    8. YES
    9. NO
    10. NO
    11. NO
    12. I found q and afraid of my shadow here, otherwise not much of a blog reader
    13. I read a lot of news sites, Facebook, Instagram
    14. I appreciate the work and bravery involved here :)

  3. 1. How Long Have you read the Five Hundredpoundpeep blog? [the blog started in 2010]
    2-3 years? Not sure—the years have been whizzing by recently.

    2. How did you find the Fivehundredpoundpeep blog?

    3. List in Order of Preference your preferred subjects to read about

    No particular order.

    4. What is your favorite article that Peep has ever written?
    Impossible to single one out.

    5. What is your least favorite article that Peep has ever written?
    No idea.

    6. What are some subjects you would like to see written about?
    How to keep mould out of portable air-conditioners.

    7. Do you want to be a guest blogger?
    Wouldn't have what it takes.

    8. I am an ACON...YES OR NO
    No, if we're talking _biological_ parents.

    9. I am a fat person....YES or NO
    Yes, having gained some weight over the last few years.

    10. I have Lipedema like Peep YES or No

    11. I am an Aspie...YES OR NO

    12. What other blogs do you like to read?
    Cameron Booth's Transit Maps blog. E2NZ.

    13. What other websites are your favorites?

    14.Any other feedback you want to share.

  4. 1. Not sure...maybe 1-2 years
    2. Found blog surfing
    3. C,D,A,B,F,E,G,H
    4. Project friends
    5. Can't think of one
    6. More on lack of community in our country and how hard it is to form friendships these days
    7. Maybe...but doubt my abilities
    8. Yes
    9. Yes
    12.most of the ones on your blog roll
    13.too many to name!
    14. Love your blog and always look forward to seeing what you've written!

  5. 1#) I started maybe three years after I clicked on your site from "House of mirrors" .
    2#) I like the ones about Tiffany Sedaris because I had a close relative commit suicide after my Narc mother badgered him half to death. I also like the ones featuring your art
    3# you write well enough I don't think I can pick out a favorite.
    4#I stills like to wander around clicking on that next blog tab It just takes you to random blogs and it's like looking in the window from the street as you walk by peoples houses. But not in a creepy way.
    5#My mother has/had every narc trait listed so it's safe to say I an an acon.
    #6 I am not over weight but I have made it out alive through some health issues the doctors said would kill me so I relate to anyone familiar with brushes with death
    #7) Not a guest blogger. My own blog knocks the attention whore in me down to size
    I am not over weight by much and I don't have Asperger's but a lot of people I deal with do.
    8#) I am sticking to the next blog tab defense and shopping around that way
    #9)I like blogs written by and for people that will admit that they get in over their heads enough to admit they are crazy.
    10#)I am a little out of kilter. And admitting you have a problem is the first step to dealing with it. And when I find someone as crazy as me, that will admit to it, is like bumping into an old friend. I haven see in years. If you come from a worse family than mine and lived to tell about you have my respect and empathy. These dens of narcs really are like living in an alternate reality. I like to read stuff from people who write well and you DO write well.

  6. 1. How Long Have you read the Five Hundredpoundpeep blog? Since July or August 2013, when I learned that my adopted mother is a narc.

    2. How did you find the Fivehundredpoundpeep blog? A link from one of the ACONs groups.

    3. List in Order of Preference your preferred subjects to read about: I like all of your blogs but could related to ACONs, disability issues, culture and politics, arts, economic topics. I like reading about lipedema and obesity issues as well.

    4. What is your favorite article that Peep has ever written? I don't know. I like many articles in FiveHundredPoundPeep.

    5. What is your least favorite article that Peep has ever written? None I could think of.

    6. What are some subjects you would like to see written about? Financial issues that keep people from leaving their parents' home or leaving their abusive caretakers. Spiritual abuse issues, narcs not liking your blogs, and stuff like that.

    7. Do you want to be a guest blogger? Maybe

    8. I am an ACON...YES OR NO: Yes, but I am not blood-related to my adopted narc mother.

    9. I am a fat person....YES or NO: No, but I am chubby compared to anorexic women or narc women who pull their craps about diet, diet, diet and tasteless foods.

    10. I have Lipedema like Peep YES or No: No

    11. I am an Aspie...YES OR NO: No

    12. What other blogs do you like to read? Q Rumblestrip, The House of Mirrors, mulderfan, Afraid of my Shadows, Grace for my Heart, and other blogs written by real ACONs. I also read blogs in different topics such as higher education, history, and social sciences.

    13. What other websites are your favorites? I like many websites.

    14.Any other feedback you want to share.: Please keep up the good work and keep on writing. Don't let narcs shut you down.

  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback, I appreciate it. I am glad to see all the topics are favorable. I certainly don't want to stop standing up to narcs. Thanks for the encouragement and support. I wanted to capture a picture of who was reading and this helped me a lot. :):) Thanks for suggested topics, I would want to write about more of the social friendship stuff as one commenter brought up. ACON blogs helped me too even before I started writing about ACONs, I was over at House of Mirror's and Qs. Thank you everyone.

  8. 1. About 5 years

    2. Through a google search for narcissism articles

    ACON Adult Children of Narcissists Subjects and Peep's Personal Experiences, Disability Issues
    Cultural and Political Topics, Economic Topics ,Aspergers, Peep Art Work and Photography, health

    4. there are many, this recent one stands out: "done with them ALL"...and also "Project Friends"

    5. I support freedom of religion but am not as interested in the more Christian focused articles

    6. Mate Crime...I believe the narcissistic abuse described here is Mate Crime which is a disability hate crime perpetrated in the context of personal relationships. I would be interested to read Peep's ideas. I would also enjoy articles discussing potential physical causes of Narcissism, like the research on epigenetics and Domestication induced traits which for me shed light on the topic.

    7. never thought of it

    8. yes

    9. no

    10. no

    11. no

    12. What Makes Narcissists Tick
    contributors to Blogging Against Disablism Day

    13. news sites, book review sites, research articles

    14. Five Hundred Pound Peep is my # 1favorite blog. Whenever I've had a particularly challenging day I treat myself to reading this blog before bed. It is something I do just for me. The articles are insightful and thoughtful. The writing is good...particular phrases totally nail the subject matter and are very funny...they stick with me. I am influenced by the writing in the way I am influenced by the writing of literary figures/authors I have been shaped by as a person. I am a lifelong bookworm... experiencing the joy I get from my books on this blog online is a treat.

    1. And to clarify, I believe the narcissistic abuse described here by so many, as well as all over the web, seems to follow a pattern of disability impacting on social relationships in all areas of disabled people's lives. Mate Crime is one term used in the disabilities studies literature that relates to this topic. Social ostracism is the norm for a person living with a disability and social inequalities are core to the lives of disabled people. Vic Finkelstein said," The disabled 'other' plays a part in sustaining the psychic well being" of able bods, who project their "deep rooted fears of illness and mortality" on disabled people. I would enjoy discussion on this topic of disability and social relationships /identity.

    2. Hi anon thanks, I think exploring the physical causes of narcissism would be interesting, someone on my blog several years ago wrote there is a tie between Aspergers and extreme narcissism in the same families, I do not think I am biologically related to mine, but it had to do with the amygdala. Their theory was of intense interest to me, may shed light on the too soon discarded "refrigerator mother" theories too.

      More narcissism may be formed out of epigenetics because narcissism rewards in this society especially along the money trail.Thank you for the nice comments on my writing.

      I want to explore mate crime, and the disability impact, I had considered writing an article focusing on my disabilities and asking how that impacted the narc abuse, I definitely did so with Aspergers. I have figured out with some contact with disability community online, some things I blamed on the obesity alone, are things that happen to the disabled in general, the ostracization, infantalization, the "fix it" and there is "fear" yes and deep rooted fears of illness and mortality. I was thinking the other day even about the psychological impact I go through hiding pain in public and other things. Many people do shrink away if your disabilities are visible enough and these are things that go way beyond being superfat. yes social ostracism and social inequalities are extreme among the disabled and all kinds of conditions too.

    3. An article focusing on how disability relates to narc abuse would be very useful. There are many narc sites/blogs online, but yours is the only one I know of that brings in the disablism aspect. Your "Project Friends" article defines and names an experience disabled people have and often internalize as internalized oppression. Of course naming any kind of oppression breaks the spell...the power of writing, eh. Through the disability community/literature I too figured out that things I initially blamed on classism alone were related to disablism. The contribution you're making to the disability community through this blog is valuable...I look forward to more articles:)

    4. I definitely want to write an article on disabilty and narc abuse coming together. That's true I think this is the only blog bringing ACON abuse and disability together, it is a bad mixture to contend with of course.

      My disabilities definitely were a huge part of this, and it does apply to the project friends, and internalized oppression is a problem. I agree. I do think things worsened in some aspects as I got older and more visibly disabled--the severe hearing impairment came in 2001 but worsened with the years, going on a walker, the visible wrappings, etc. I think I often blamed too things on classism that had more to do with abelism as well. The Aspergers does make me appear different there are things I have left off here or only mentioned very rarely, I have multi focal tic disorders--often facial ones and a few other things running the show.

      The narcissists used these things to their advantage. I was told I was a lesser being for the obesity and it was a bit much. Writing the zine is interesting write now as I am exploring some more inner emotions but in a more fictionalized way. I read a story about how an autistic man who was abused by a family and they sound like narcissists to me today.

      This is definitely something I will explore soon. My disabilities did make me a lot more vulnerable to their abuses, to be frank a lot of my no contact was realizing health and money wise, I wouldn't be able to pull of the few homage visits a year to Queen Spider, they were getting harder and harder, because I could not afford to travel the 2 and half more hours to the rest of the family and even further to others, the relationships died on the vine. Queen Spider was about 80 miles away half the year and 1000s the other half. Queen Spider definitely told me several times my life was "far worthy" for being ill. My brother even attacked my infertility and health inability to have children telling me, that I was considered less worthy because I did not have a child to my mother, and he acted like this was a good and natural thing. I may explore eugenics, was considering this in lue of obesity how obesity and eugenics works together, some self avowed fat haters once found this blog and mocked me saying that I "ate my genetics" so there is this shame for fat people based upon that and well multiple health problems.I felt there was some Nazi uber alles crap going on in my family where the thin and healthy were elevated, and the sick/or fat [others far more normal fat then me] were deemed "undesirables" I do not believe I am biologically related but I even felt a taint of racism I've mentioned here before because I am dark like a Hungarian or Greek not knowing what I am, and the Aryan side of the family [ie my mothers] who used to twitter on about the blonde babies, it was a bit much.

  9. When I started reading blogs about 5 years ago I had neve heard of NPD. It was like a blind person given sight to see there was not only a name for it. But it explained my mother and her fear of mental health specialists.

    1. me too, I had heard of it, in psychology class in college, but they gave such a vague definition,like it was only vain people looking at themselves in the mirror, that was no understanding given at all for what it really was. It helped to open the door wide to what I was dealing with and how to respond to it.I found the parrish miller article on narcissistic mothers and it summed my mother up and that got the ball rolling.

  10. Q: How Long Have you read the Five Hundredpoundpeep blog? [the blog started in 2010]
    A: I discovered your blog when I started writing my blog: around 2013 - 2014. I discovered it through a Google image.

    Q: List in Order of Preference your preferred subjects to read about:

    A. ACON Adult Children of Narcissists Subjects and Peep's Personal Experiences
    B. Cultural and Political Topics
    C. Economic Topics
    D. Disability Issues

    Q: What are some subjects you would like to see written about?
    A: I am always up for hearing more on ACON issues.

    Q: Do you want to be a guest blogger?
    A: We could do a question and answer kind of thing, taking turns on questions, and post on our respective blogs. I use my real name and have to be careful about legal issues on personal matters (I do know the laws in my state and can talk about some things in certain ways, but because I have to say them in certain ways, they can be frustrating for a questioner or interviewer). But there are also subjects other than personal ones.

    Q: (Guided): Am I an ACORN that fell from a sick oak that has been exposed to a tyrant king and queen who lived in the oak and liked to throw acorns out of the tree and stomp on them when they were deemed imperfect ...YES OR NO
    A: See what I mean by the legal issue? I can be more open than what one would think, but it is tricky. For instance: I can say that after a suicide attempt when I was 15, I was hospitalized. Within the first two weeks of my hospitalization, my mother got married suddenly and took off to Europe for a honeymoon because that is in actual official documents. This resulted in the hospital looking for foster parents for me. Someone intervened and got me into a boarding school instead. That is also in official documents.

    Q: What other blogs do you like to read?
    I look at the Narcwriters blog list weekly:
    We are both on there. I look at many, many Psych Central and Psychology Today articles too, as well as professional reports and papers, and hunt for new breakthroughs in laws for survivors.

    1. Hi Lise, thanks for your responses too, I have read your blog since I discovered it about a year or so ago?

      Yes legal issues can arise, I know on blogs especially using a real identity it is a different ballgame.

      I am glad that hospital intervened for you, when your mother abandoned you while sick to take off for a honeymoon jaunt.

      Thanks for reminding me of the narc writers blog, I saw it a long time ago and forgot to bookmark it. I appreciate it. yes keeping up with the latest research is of interest. I still want to study the Dark Triad research you have raised on your blog.

  11. I think Lisette's blog was where I first heard the term "Malignant Narcissism. It really defines how their grasp exceeds their reach. And the kudzu like way they grow into every nook and cranny and by the time you notice them they have taken over every thing you can see.

    1. I am glad you learned about the term there. Yes her blog was great for me, it was someone who related to what I was facing.I am glad she made a stand too, the last thing I needed were the websites telling me I was at fault and to bend myself into a pretzel so the narcissists could abuse me more. ACON websites rescued me from that fate, I mean that's the advice I got from tons of psychology websites and the therapists before. I agree with the kudzu, I was able to get "my own life" in that old small town, so fortunate I did not end up in a place where she knew people, I would have been destroyed, she's ruined every relationship where someone knew her mutually.