Saturday, June 3, 2017

Happiness Kit by John Holcroft

Happiness Kit: 22 Satirical Illustrations by John Holcroft

The commentary about this society in these illustrations is powerful. This one is one of the best showing the pursuit of material goods and having the "good life"American style.


  1. Have you ever noticed European's have a whimsically odd sense of humor? Just a little left of top dead center? Especially former eastern bloc ex communist nations. I find my self starting to laugh and before I actually get out a guffaw I stop and realize it's more odd than funny.

    1. Yes I have noticed this and about the eastern bloc too. LOL I get Monty Python and loved their shows but many people did not. I guess I like the ironic senses of humor and the oddness. This guy has a lot more great pictures, some do make you think.