Monday, May 29, 2017

Rock and Gem Show

The rock and gem show from the other week was fun, I got a piece of jasper I plan to make a necklace with and a few other rocks to add to my small rock collection. The first photograph is of a thunder-egg from Oregon.


  1. I love gem shows. Makes me want to have everything and hoard it and take it out occassionally to admire, like Gollum and his precious! Have you ever been to a mushrooms show? Also gives me similar hoard-y feelings. I really love collections in general.

    1. Me too, I wanted everything too, LOL about gollum. I never knew they had mushroom shows now that is cool, I would definitely go to one. We have some morel clubs where they go hunt and pick for them but never knew of those. I have gone to a stamp shows too as well, wish I could travel to go the big ones, but the same goes for Pow-Wows, gem shows, and zine shows...:) I even would like to go to Comic Cons though I went to a mini-local one recently.