Monday, May 15, 2017

Deathly Allergic to Seafood? Let's go to Red Lobster!

I had this adult memory return I haven't thought about in years. I forget why the family was eating out with my brother's ex wife and family but this was around 18 years ago when they were still married. I am deathly allergic to seafood. I have not eaten shrimp, or shellfish in 25 plus years. I could eat fish into the 1990s but that ended really quick. My mother wanted everyone to go to Red Lobster, I remember protesting, saying "I am allergic to seafood" but everyone ignored me. They always did what she told them. I was even scared of breathing in seafood fumes from the kitchen, with shrimp and lobster and getting an asthma attack. I loaded up with Benadryl to go. The person I am today, I now think, "What in the hell were you thinking?" I would not enter a Red Lobster today, I probably would die just smelling the shellfish in the air. My boundaries were so low. As time passed, and I got more ill, I had to draw boundaries to preserve my health, and life. Only a narcissist would get someone who is deathly allergic to seafood to go to Red Lobster where there was barely anything on the menu they could eat.


  1. Are you accusing your mother of attempted murder? Why did you go? As an adult, you should have simply said 'no'.

    1. LOL she would not have cared if I died or not, probably would have preferred it. She just wanted the food she wanted. You are right it was on me, and I should have said "no". I did go on to saying "No" a lot like when they wanted severe COPD me to travel in hotter then hell or cold weather that would have GUARANTEED a hospital visit. I got smarter as time went on.