Monday, November 19, 2012

Weight Loss Surgeon Against Size Acceptance!

The disturbing trend of fat acceptance, one doctor speaks out against it

What would he think of this blog? Since I question aspects of size acceptance and also that barbarity and sanctioned torture known as weight loss surgery? They couldn't have thought of something more painful if they tried to do to fat people to get them to lose weight.

The other day, I went to a book club, it was warm enough to be out, and I saw this one member there, who weighed around 250lbs, and who was actively employed and active, even two years ago the other time I ran into her, and she announced to us, she recently had weight loss surgery. It didn't escape my attention that to even drink a coffee, she had to mix it with a powder to get it down. I forgot the name of the powder but it was one when I did short term assisted nursing care in my 20s, one had to mix with food to thicken it, to get it down the gullets of those with digestive and swallowing problems. Life is hard enough. I found myself worrying about her right then and there.

Anyhow I tire of these weight loss surgeons who have no reality about what makes people obese and who profit off the lies and still play blame the victim and act as if the same amount of control is there for everyone. Yeah, the whole "control" thing as if people chose this. Their ignorance regarding metabolism and such is extreme and continues to worsen.

I know I made the choice never to have weight loss surgery, even having it pushed by various doctors. In my case, I do not think it would work and believe because of the breathing problems, I'd die on the table. I have digestive problems now that range from intermittent anemia, to shortage of various B vitamins and D though I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. There is a time in life, where you say well "I have suffered enough", and all the digestive stuff, where I can so easily end up in pain that leads one on the floor and puking my guts out if I mistakenly ingest any MSG, dairy or eggs or have stress, brought me enough trouble in life, just the thought of weight loss surgery to me sounds like a PTSD nightmare on the roller coaster to hell.

With this guy, I wish he'd find this blog, and come and read and learn. But so few seem to ever have independent thoughts. I guess that tens of thousands of dollars they make for each surgery speaks for itself. Ah so many who are profiting off the obesity epidemic, the mind boggles.

As I have said multiple times, the lies on both sides enable each other.


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  3. Note to Billy Baldez, I'm not going to post your agent provocateur garbage. You seem to be some thin guy who is obsessed with fat people. You have a filthy mouth so I'm never going to post a comment so go away.

  4. I know a LOT of WLSers, my book is very popular with them and I have addressed many support groups now and I have no clue what "powder" this woman might have needed. I know some people put protein powder in everything and there's coffee-flavored protein that is super popular but I don't know of any powder that people need to be able to drink beverages.

  5. She said she needed the powder to get the coffee down, I didn't want to press her too much past that. I think some do have to thicken things up to go down right. I did home health care for a short time, and some needed thickening powder to swallow things down. I am not sure if that was the problem but I knew she just had WLS.