Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sea Snax!


I discovered these at a health food store. This is the health food store I take a 30 mile round trip sojourn to once a month during non-housebound times. When I find a food that makes me "feel better" after eating it, I stick with it and they taste good! One says spicy but it is flavored nicely so don't let that frighten you away.

Some may think eating seaweed is weird, but these crispy sheets of seaweed taste really good and are low in calories. I was used to seaweed having bought Japanese seaweed before to sprinkle on rice. I can't eat seafood but suspect some are familiar with it via sushi.

Anyhow I wanted to recommend these. My supply is gone now but hope to get some as soon as I can again.

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  1. you can make your own sushi,at home,without raw fish; there are recipes,and find an asian grocery store,for dried sheets of seaweed.i've done it,.it's fun,easy, put any meat or vegies you want,on the rice,delicious.less expensive, for you sushi-lovers on budgets.