Monday, December 10, 2012

A Reader Responds to My Blog

I've had some good correspondence with this reader and glad they are taking a look at my perspective. I liked how they summed up what I had to say on this blog, so wanted to share it and asked their permission to do so:

"When I ran across your blog, your perspective really stood out because you were not caustic or angry and you were level headed. Some things I have learned from your blog so far, that I intend to incorporate into a new post about practical ideas for weight:

1) People are overweight for many reasons, there is no one way cause, so getting the right help for weight gain is crucial, and help might come from a variety of sources: doctor, specialist, nutritionist, psychologist

2) All doctors are not created equal and most have no background in food, nutrition or metabolism. It is not taught in medical school. Keep going until you find a doctor with experience and will think outside the box on your diagnosis.

3) There is a distinction between a 300 pound person and a 500 pound person and the difference amounts to a real disability.

4) Overweight children should be tested for underlying causes of weight gain, especially at the onset of puberty.

5) Not everyone that is obese is overeating: calories may not be processed in the norm. I actually did read this before from a physician in Austin that does the surgeries on people over 600 pounds. He said that at a certain weight what you eat does not matter, you will still gain it. I thought he was just had a vested interest in surgery.

6) Getting to the bottom of why you are obese, as well as clear distinction between obesity and being overweight is the first step. And very hard to do, as determining obesity is more than BMI or weight by the number.

7) We should all encourage meaningful obesity research."

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