Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Address to the Mean People

I had one post here the other day,

"You're costing the government money, you are a lazy sack of...."

Well you get the gist. I often ponder what years worth of this stuff, did to my heart, mind and soul. Sure one can face the world with daily bravery, but such remarks grow old fast.  Add to that the burdens of fat hating relatives as well.  I ponder the reality of some supposedly thin person that goes on the internet, and finds this website and feels they must waste their time telling some 500lb [or where ever it is now, I know it didn't go up] woman, off, for daring to exist. What kind of inner world does such a person have? One can look in to such a heart and see the black barbed wire and green clouds of stink, with just a second's glance.

I have to edit their nasty grams all the time including the endless ones from Mr. Fake Fat guy, I'm really a fat person obsessed thin lawyer in real life. He has several websites, and some of the size'o'sphere definitely has run into this guy before. A few times I let them go and respond, but then when people like this have their minds made up, not much you can do about it. I mean the backing of the industrial complexes rest behind them. These aren't people questioning what they see on TV. Most of them are almost stereotypes of themselves as they seek to squish you into their stereotypes.

Everyone is into telling the fat people what their reality is and invalidating what we have to say. What an unending crock so many of us have to deal with. You think someone like myself with a website like this hasn't heard it all before? You really think your exhortations to go "diet" and "exercise" are some new revelation brought off the mountain for the fat woman?  Ironic since given this week, I ended up with a leg infection probably from walking around too much--PT program and exercises. But supposedly in magic-lose weight kingdom, exercise is supposed to magically turn me into a thin person as well as eating all the "right" and "proper" food. I will continue with the exercises but give me a break. I bet anything some of these skinnies are scarfing down the seasonal cookies while issuing judgments from on high.

One told me she is a size 00, and used to be a size 16, does that mean she is invisible now or just when she turns sideways?

Why is there even a size called ZERO, or ZERO ZERO, what is something of NOTHING?


That says something to me.

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  1. Sorry about your leg infection, hopefully it is better.