Monday, December 10, 2012

Physical Therapy

I've been doing physical therapy for balance and other reasons. When super-obese, one does have to dedicate hours a day to just staying alive, take pills, take a walk, cook food that won't make you worse off, rest and get water off, blah blah blah. They did say I improved, which is good to know. Oddly the physical therapists said I was one of the most motivated patients they've had. Trust me, one knows at these horrible weights the pain even that can lead one to "give up". I have to work out and use those stretchy bands , I do several arm exercises a day related to those.  After I write this and couple articles, I'll be going to do my exercises.

They say strengthening will improve the balance. The Meniere's really has done a number on my balance, having the room tilt on a daily basis stinks though I get a warning from the ears ringing. The doctors saw trouble with my eye movements even years ago,  nystagmus was written all over my medical charts.  Oddly inhaled steroids for COPD and asthma cut down the severity of the attacks, but they still happen and there has been permanent impacts on my balance.

Anyhow, the physical therapists have been nice and the treatment includes daily walks-inside if housebound and out with not, and specific leg and arm exercises. Getting the walker expanded my mobility quite a bit where I am walking more and not having to worry about balance. My pressure sores did heal, but yes sometimes I even stand up to type at the computer, because I have to watch them so closely.  Some years ago, physical therapy backed me away from needing oxygen, and able to get out the front door easier.  When I exercise I do not lose weight or lose so slowly it doesn't matter, well really I don't know where my weight is at now, except knowing I have NOT gained.

If you are superfat and having mobility or other health related problems, some physical therapy and learning daily work-outs and exercises can be quite beneficial.

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