Monday, December 10, 2012

What's In Everyone's Refrigerators?

A Look Inside People's Refrigerators

It interesting to look at what do normal people EAT? And seeing inside refrigerators is one way to do it. I showed the inside of my refrigerator a few times to my home medical professionals. Wonder what they thought of that, but I wanted to show that the cupboards and rest were not full of snacks and the refrigerator full of mountains of cake or fried foods.

What's in my refrigerator now? Let's go look I probably can do an inventory off the top of my head, its a tight week, but let's see some Falafel mix, Almond Milk, 2 left over stuffed peppers made with turkey and rice, 2 apples, some green onions, ketchup, a broccoli head, celery, a few lemons, a bag of black organic grapes, a jar of Veganaise, some sliced turkey lunchmeat, a few Roma tomatoes, Earth Balance-fake butter, Japanese seaweed sprinkles with mustard and pumpkin, I threw my Zatar seasoning box in the fridge, though it probably doesn't need refrigerated, ground turkey--it was a large pack and I only used some of yesterdays for the stuffed peppers, a couple cabbage sections, some carrots, 3-4 Asian Oriental sauces--soy sauce, stir fry sauce--mushroom flavored, and right now that is about it. There was some leftover Daiya cheese in there yesterday but I dropped it on the floor, and had to throw it away.

I've talked about being food insecure before and well we just came off a week low on money for groceries and the stuffed green peppers I made because they had a deal on green peppers and I am supposed to go grocery shopping tommorow. I ate all my Sea Snax. They supposedly are opening a food-co-op in my town and I want to join it and have contacted the people concerned already but hoping it will be affordable and not only for the wealthy.

This frig makes my stomach hurt all that take out...Yes I have noticed a correlation between digestive troubles and eating out and have three SAFE restaurants I frequent on rare occasion but I really only can afford to eat out once or twice a month.  Don't eat out that much, you will be in big trouble!

This looks like a healthy person's fridge, though I probably buy more produce then that, though add more meat when I have a lot of money for food and forget the eggs. 

This article reminded me of when they took pictures of everything people ate in foreign countries for a week...Hey notice these rather very thin Italians seem to eat a lot of carbohydrates and bread?

Here's an American photo. Notice these people are pretty close to average weight, but they have very high calorie food in this picture and quite a bit of it.. I question the whole premise of thin people all sitting around sipping green tea and eating only an apple a day or whatever the diet industry expects me to believe.

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