Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Are Fat People "a Threat" To America's Future?

"How obesity could impact our health and economy 20 years from now"

Are you kind of squeeked out by being considered a THREAT TO AMERICA's FUTURE?

I'm sorry but when nearly HALF your population is going to be obese, they say 44% in only a few more years, something far more complex then calories in and out is going on.

There are some good suggestions in the report such as voucher for community farms and things like that, and they point out how the poor are fatter but if they think forcing people to exercise and getting more veggies out the door, means automatic weight loss, they need to think again.

Tell me what you think.... I may be writing on this more later...

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  1. I agree there's much more to the issue of "obesity" than mere calories. You are on to something. . The food we eat is not what it should be, too many additives, and "modifications". Each person is an individual, not exactly like everyone else. They need to recognize this.