Monday, February 10, 2014

Please Help Me!

Can one of my readers do me a favor, I would like to write the lady in this video, but can't understand what she says is her email address? {remember I have serious hearing issues, the Youtube transcripts don't cut it....Please post it in the comments if you could.

I wonder how much "obesity" out there in the severe cases is uncontrolled lymphatic conditions, that leg of her is "water" not fat and she looks like she could be an undiagnosed lipedema case too beyond the lymphedema she already knows about.


  1. It's cpierce1975 at yahoo dot com. I hope you can help.

  2. I wrote her. I am going to write an article exploring lymphedema and lipedema issues and obesity....there's too many going without help.

  3. This lady is a member of a USA lymphedema Facebook group I belong to. I am in a similar if not worse situation than this poor woman. I also can't get help and I live in Australia.

  4. Sorry to hear that Jan. I seriously think there is major problems with lymphedema. I live near a clinic which is good. One of the reasons I did not move back to my old rural town was knowing more medical needs could be met here. Too many places though even in America there is no treatment for lymphedema/lipedema. I only even found out about wrapping therapy in 2005 via the internet, back then though the lymph clinic was a 50-60 mile round trip so it was more difficult to get full treatment. Wrapping isn't easy. I am able to wrap myself just barely using an ottoman of just the right height, but many people cannot and I had to break through some pain to make that happen, I do have husband wrap my leg a lot too he can do it somewhat better. I had one infection recently but one every 6 months is better then every 6 weeks. There needs to be more help. I feel my worse disability of all of them [well the lungs are at the top too] is the lymphedema. One thing call your local cancer clinics, they often are the ones who either have the lymph therapists, or ones connected to it.

  5. Thanks. I have tried to access many different places but I am told you are too fat and not able to be treated until you lose weight. It seriously impacts on my health and life. Like your blog.

  6. :0 :0

    but if you have serious enough lymphedema or lipedemia, the water retention is causing a lot of your weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I fully hope to strip off more weight via the treatment alone.

    One thing I would do, I will try and find these links for you but I have seen pictures of people with incredible amounts of weight taken off via lymphedema treatment, I would print these out and show some of those folks. [I can gain 5 inches and incredible water weight in a short period of time., even sitting up too long one can see noticeable gains in me, my whole life is spent around managing the swelling, it is insane] I would maybe take that to the director of the place. I am glad my blog has been able to help.