Saturday, April 28, 2018

Another Blogger with Lipo-Lymphedema

An older article of mine, "Mental Health and Severe Lipedema" was recently shared in the Lipedema community and well received. I talked about some heavy issues in that article regarding Lipedema. I wrote about how it can affect us emotionally and otherwise especially in case like mine where diagnosis is delayed and people go into severe stages. The mental health impacts of Lipedema can be pretty serious. In my case, there were several other issues to contend with too, as well as being an Aspie and an ACON. I saw some of the comments, and many women agreed with me about how hard Lipedema is emotionally. Another blogger with Lipo-Lymphedema shared her opinions about my article too:

"It Always Comes Back to the Blessings"

"Destiny stepped in and the Lipedema Project posted in Facebook another blogger's article about Mental Health and Severe Lipedema.  After reading the post, I shared it with my friends on Facebook as well because the article really resonated with me. I wanted people to know how HARD this disease is not only because of the pain it causes and the physical deformities, but because of the stigma that follows its sufferers around because people just assume you are a lazy, overeating person who just can't control themselves and the mental anguish all of that causes.  Fighting yourself and society's ideas of who you are is exhausting - especially when you agree with a lot of the negative thoughts.

 Before starting Keto, I was headed down a very dark path.  Most people wouldn't have known it (I think) even if they were around me all the time because I had learned to hide it and was trying (unsuccessfully) to deal with it on my own.  I didn't have some of the issues that the blogger did (my family never rejected me, I was never hospitalized for infections, I am not in poverty) but I have/had so many others that have affected my life (and still are truth be told) in ways which I'm just not ready to verbalize (or write down) yet.  So I got it when the blogger posted, "...Your own body becomes an enemy when it comes to lipedema. I hated my body for years more often than not while I attempt to be more forgiving now." I understood her.  She talked about being told, "You have such a pretty face!"and while on the surface, that is a compliment, what someone like me hears (truth or not) is, "Your face is the only thing that saves you from being eaten by wolves" and not to mention when she discussed feeling as though you were being cursed. "

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