Sunday, May 12, 2019

Narcissists and Our Corrupt Political System: Can It Be Fixed?

Why are the desires of the religious right being shoved down our throats?  The will of the American people is being ignored in multiple areas. This was a country built on self governance, but whose governing it now? I even told my husband seeing Trump's attempt to lower the poverty definitions, it's like they think of the most evil things they can do and go for it.

Our political system has been bought off and paid for by the uber-wealthy. The needs of the average person in healthcare, the economy and much more are being ignored and crushed for the needs of the greedy. The right wing seems to rule without hesitation making everyone suffer more. Weak-willed DINOS, Democrats in name only, bow down and lick the boots of the religious right Republicans who want all of us except the most wealthy to suffer.

Even with the abortion law in Georgia, that governor was voted in via corruption, Brian Kemp was in charge of the election vote counting process. He didn't remove himself. So now Georgia has an insane law on the books, that is extreme and draconian where a woman can be investigated for murder for having a miscarriage. Is this something the public wanted? I doubt it.

Our government is growing more and more corrupt, everything is about domination, power, control, and punishment. This is not a government for the people or by the people but by wealthy vested interests in profit. The narcissists and sociopaths are ruling. Orange Cheeto is still loved even as he passes more laws and policies to make people suffer more. You ever see that guy support anything that does anyone any good or eases a burden for anyone? I sure don't.

Sociopaths and narcissists are really good at fooling people into thinking they are great. Most rule by fear, but then even with all the fear, some manage to fool people into thinking they are wonderful people. All these narc patriarchs and matriarchs of many a narcissistic family cult, play the fear games while helping out a few of their chosen types. They are fakes but people believe the masks. There's still people who believe Trump cares. How did they get so fooled?

Some of us who are ex-Scapegoats now watch the American political system and it reminds us exactly of how our families operated with tons of lies, corruption, and double-talk. There is a charismatic popular narc or sociopath at the helm, defining everyone's reality and silencing their enemies. Many are fooled and in thrall. There was enough people from 4chan, Alex Jone's Infowars, and the Tea Party to see Trump as a Savior. Sadly many remain in thrall, even after his tax hand-out to his wealthy buddies. We saw that too where our narcissists could get away with whatever cruelty they wanted and people still would not wake up. They still followed without question.

Trump is operating just like many of them. Notice all his investigations folded. How did he get Mueller to roll over? What things happened behind the scenes to allow him to get away with so much? I've been in groups of people with a narc in the room, and even some would discuss the bad things that narcissists did, they screwed over this person, they lied about that person, but no one dared to challenge their power and we see this happening with Trump.

One reason the Democratic party has lost the plot bringing people in like Biden, is many progressives believe in cooperation and talking things out but sociopaths on the right exploit this 'empathy' pushing forth even more insane laws getting Democrats especially the sold out neo-liberal types to compromise. This is one reason the Democratic party has moved more and more to the right with every passing year. Young people are trying to push real progressive agendas, but they are already being shut out by the monied class.

The narcissists are running the asylum. The rules forming the gerrymandering are no longer fair. We see them all supporting each other. This is why for every societal problem, they offer oppression and punishment. Did anyone ever consider when it came to abortion, that if birth control was improved, or accessible, we may have a day where no one would ever need or want an abortion? Nope, they just want to lock all the women up, outlaw birth control too and threaten people. Why are people paying billions to insurance companies  and middle men, instead of financing a decent medical care system? Our country is self destructing under the narcissist's sway. America is regressing. The corruption has taken over.

Can it be stopped? One thing about narcissists, is they get people to believe that things have to be hard and cold. "This is the way things always have been", "This is all you deserve". People are conditioned, into the very wealthy and powerful grabbing all the goodies for themselves. One sees this now where people are conditioned into the right wing saying "Nothing comes for free" or even the idea that life must be based around suffering and pain instead of life being improved for everyone. This is one role where toxic religion plays a strong role in the control matrix.

I often think America's only hope is to face down narcissism. Writing this blog, I have faced so many trolls it's not funny. There's a lot of vested interests, I discovered this on Facebook where, they don't want people talking about how the wicked gain their control or the corrupt tools in their toolbox. What if we had a society where we had a change in culture, where we faced down the lies of the narcissists and sociopaths? Where we taught young people to reject scapegoating? Where we changed the mindset where the poor and powerless and disenfranchised were no longer blamed but elevated? Sadly these narcissists got people to scapegoat all the marginalized as being at fault for everything. The poor didn't make the rules where people were to be exploited by employers, landlords, schools, insurance companies and banks. They didn't make it so the bills grew far bigger then the paychecks, or where life became nothing but a drudge exercise to survive. Narcissists like Cheeto Hitler are good at deflection. Sadly it works.

This hatred and cruelty has existed from time memorial, but sadly it's worsening. Why are all the laws being passed out to harm people and crush them? Why does the religious right hold so much power in a country where they only are a certain small segment of the population? Our country has been bought out by megacorporate and wealthy interests, they have sold this place down the river. Have you noticed like I have, that none of us have a voice any more? They've written the rules to suit themselves.

Is this the future America wants? A religious right, Republic of Gilead hellscape sponsored by Trump and his evangelical advisors who preach prosperity gospel lies to their deluded and aging flocks? A neo-liberal Capitalist megacorporate society where the rents have risen so high, only the very rich can live in the city while the poor are pushed out to American's new version of favelas? Democracy is dying in America. There's no representation in our representative Republic when every representative is purchased and placed into office by greater powers.

The laws being passed now are about punishment, profit, and control not life improvement or making life better. Many aren't even being voted on. Our politicial system has become a hate-filled mess, filled with fear, filled with lies and corruption and run by narcissists. We are long over due for a change.

People have stood up against evil in America's history before. It's definitely time to do so again. We need some major changes to this system. We need people who have brighter visions of the future too. We need to tell the narcissists and sociopaths, no more.


  1. OT-Today had a phone conversation with a sibling I have not seen or spoken with in many years, decades. They invite me for a visit but get upset when I tell them the truth -that the history of violence and abuse from our parents and other siblings keeps me away. They say they're not violent but in the conversation, they lied to me, got defensive when I told them about my life experiences, minimized everything I said and shamed me. I was banging my head against a wall. Stupid me, I was honest and open. The scariest part was when they mentioned their children.
    This seems very similar to another sibling when I would tell them about any abuse from our parents, their's was always worse. And they would get very very angry at me for mentioning it. This sibling did the same thing tonight - so toxic.
    This family stuff could push me over the edge if I'm not careful
    And I forgive myself for calling them and I forgive myself for having been victimized. I will continue to do self care and keep the focus on myself. thank you again for doing the blog, you're saving lives you know.

    1. It's terrible to speak with a sibling, and hear the same old 'treat the scapegoat like shit" programming over and over. I tried to break mine out, but learned that's impossible. People can do "violence" not only physically but emotionally and well, if they are going to put you down shame you and more, it's better to run like the wind. Mine got angry too. I could not even tolerate mine anymore, because their disdain and looking down at me was always there, I could talk about the weather even with them and hearing the simpering towards the "powerful" and the inherent disrespect. Every time I talked to both of mine, I felt like I'd be slimed.

      It sounds like what you went through too. It is very painful. I heard endless lies , and the rest as well. I have done a lot better having no contact. I understand it taking time for the break-away to be made complete, I made my mistakes too, so glad you are forgiving yourself there too. I had to give up on any of mine seeing the light. It's painful but that "giving up on them" was finding me. I am sure it will work the same for you. Keep focusing on yourself and take care of yourself too. Thanks for saying I am helping to save lives and your kind words about my blog.

  2. When narcissism and antisocial personality disorder are allowed to flourish in families, and its members rewarded for it, it will effect every aspect of society, from schools to government.

    I had a brother who was sweet as a child, empathetic, out for the underdog. Then our mother wanted him to bully the scapegoat. He became a narcissist. Now into his 60s, he has even adopted some sociopathic traits.

    He got married and beat his wife so bad that she left with nothing.

    Two of his kids became narcissists too and one hires and fires workers for a living, like Trump, with no compassion for what he is doing to the families that rely on the income. He's a hard assed boss, very judgmental, extremely wealthy, and incidentally the only one of my brother's kids who received any financial help. And he's estranged from his mother, the one who got beaten by my brother, for being poor and unable, in many cases, to have anything but menial jobs.

    In a couple of generations and if the money keeps compounding, one of his kids could be the new American dictator.

  3. I agree we are in the midst of a narcissistic and sociopathic take over. They get the money, they get the good jobs, the positions and the influence. Just look at Orange Cheeto, who probably gives tons of ACONs flashbacks in that he rises unscathed even when caught. That's terrible about your brother, but I have memories of both siblings before they turned too, and mine worsened with age as well. I have noticed the most narcissistic ones are never short of a dollar either and bring a lot of hell to other people especially if they hold a "boss" position of any kind. Yeah sounds like the scapegoat son has been rendered poor like so many of us. Yeah Trump is just the creep we got now, there's worse ones being MADE.

    1. Worsening with age, yes I agree. When I spoke with the sibling even though I hadn't seen or spoken with them in decades, they listed my crimes. They got the list of crimes from our parents. They were being the police officer ready to hurt anyone for the narc parent. Narc parent was passed out at their 85th birthday party, am so grateful that I didn't attend. My crimes include not having contact with them not attending a parent's funeral many years ago. When I asked why they didn't let me that this person had died, the answer was I don't know I just went there. Bizarre, the conversation got worse the longer that I stayed on the phone. Very painful. I am decompressing from it.

    2. Peep, keep writing. Thank you again for having this forum Have you thought about creating an e-book of your posts?

    3. Yes it worsens with age, mine got more entrenched. I realized people saw me as the SAME as 30 years ago, maybe you saw that too, and have heard the same list of crimes stuff too.
      I am glad you missed the torturous birthday party. I had things thrown in my face too. If I was ever foolish enough to go back, my 6 years of no contact definitely would be used against me and I'd never heard the end of it. I guess that would apply to many of us. With funerals, I missed a lot of those, but all the people who died already had chosen Queen over me and had no contact with me like Aunt Scapegoat who ignored all my cards and letters and the stepfather I told him, I had no problems with him.

      Yeah I've been in that position too, we can't do anything right. We have to realized there's no fixing any of it. Even if a scapegoat becomes an obedient slave to the narcs, their crimes will be listed to them over and over for the rest of their life.

  4. Today, I went to the beach front with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said "You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear."
    She put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

    1. I hope you check the shells next time, better then having your daughter get her ear hurt. I hope she can have more enjoyable times at the beach soon to replace the negative memory.

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