Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Far More Then A Fat Woman

One thing that bothers me about being super-fat is at times in some circles, it seems to serve as a buffer, where people do not see the human being inside: you are judged by your appearances, and your intelligence, and other interests in life, are all ignored for what you look like. One thing that used to happen to me is years ago, I would have people usually in the work-place tell me: "Oh you are so smart!" as if they were in shock a corpulent person could have an IQ over 80.

I know that when you get to know people looks only matter so much, the body we are in really only is something we carry the our "real selves" around in. One's heart and soul are not determined by what they weigh.

The one thing that is the worse to me about this culture, is the growing emphasis on the superficial, where looks matter the most, you see young girls and women in general more concerned about the size of their bodies, and their looks rather then anything more deeper. They have young girls clamoring over their waist sizes and looks and this is breeding people who care all about whatever one else thinks to define themselves, rather then people who have developed their characters and souls. If anyone wants to know things are worsening in society or why there are more unhappy people, that is one of the causes.

Everything is about looks: the perfect weight. By the way, is anyone else when they examine the celebrity world getting sick of people that all look alike? I barely can tell the difference between any of them anymore. They all wear the same clothes, the same hairstyles, and have the same opinions. Celebrity names mean nothing to me, I don't know the difference between a J-Lo from a Lindsey Lohan. Who is Trista? I have no idea, but she looks like 300 other Hollywood figures out there, this time with a baby as an accessory to her "glorious body".

I'm more on the conservative side of the spectrum, but remember the days when the feminists gave some notice and message of telling women, they had more worth then their looks, whatever happened to that? Oh, they all went "sex positive" or something and now some circles seem to be specializing in naked protest and crazier stuff. I guess when the BODY becomes EVERYTHING, then it becomes a twisted focus.

In a world where they want your BODY to define everything about you, I think things have gotten tougher on fat people. Before one's character and who you were counted as far more. In my personal life, I manage to avoid those who only deal with life on this skimming brainwashed level, pursue my art, and other concerns but it is a growing trend in society that seems it is getting worse. What is becoming acceptance is growing more narrow too to the point that what is thrust in our face, as the BEST BODIES, have become cookie-cutters of each other. I don't think they look that good anymore, in fact I'm bored by the whole lot of them. To be fair, though they probably do have more inside to offer, but have adopted the whole premise that women today are to be valued for their looks alone. But really what does that mean when the ideas of beauty become so limited, they actually become boring.

As a fat woman, I never thought I was ugly even if the weight caused me pain and misery, but what should it matter anyway? Priorities in this culture are skewed and when people only care about their bodies [there is a certain level of care and concern for health that is needed] and ignore character, and goodness and other facets of life, that is a problem. I dare say, on the assembly line of Hollywood indoctrination, the best thing for a fat woman or any other for that matter to do is to kick it all to the curb and look for what is most important in life.

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