Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Locked Down World of Size Acceptance

SOne thing that is bugging me lately, trying to get this blog out there, the fat acceptance blogs and websites are locked down tighter then a drum. I have never seen so many censored websites in my life, where every blog demands automatic moderation before any posts appear or where membership must be approved on every message board. Freedom of speech doesn't seem to be a very loved concept in size acceptance.

When one has a blog, you do want readers and you have to get your link out there to get them. So far its been very tough, I've never seen anything like this. Some just general obesity websites have been okay, the politically correct police haven't barred the door from my entrance but all the size acceptance/fat positive etc, websites, its been near impossible.

There is one big fat blog where I applied for membership and at least to enter into discussion with the folks there, and got no response. Well I left the size acceptance movement to begin with, because they did everything they could to silence my voice, and my experience. Because I talk about realities of being super-obese, they do not want the "fat positive" bubble popped by anyone. I doubt that once pink haired size activist ever took my advice, when I told her to go visit a bariatric nursing home to see what obesity could do to people. There is no intregrity in trying to control people or silence the voices of the ultra-super sized.

Sometimes I feel like the Size Acceptance world works like a closed down gulag, of ideologues, who can't stand to ever examine anything. I'm against fat people being treated like garbage, and have managed to grab on to many of the good things life has to offer even being so severely obese but that doesn't matter. Unless you think exactly like them, they do not even want to listen. The Super-sized are already rendered invisible in a lot of places in society, it stinks, when the people who are portending to represent fat people's needs, lock you out as well.


  1. Hi

    I do not mind moderation as long as it is done quickly. I have never been censured on any of the fat acceptance Blogs although I was banned from BFB a long time ago for questioning their Blog consensus on Fat Men that had almost no input from Fat Men!

    I think there is room in Fat Acceptance for both the people believe that total self-acceptance is a prerequisite a person who supports Fat Acceptance. For the record I often have doubts and issues with my body and that in no way hampers my support of other Fat People.


  2. Hi William, I do think some moderation is necessary, especially if you get spammers or rowdies who just want to insult you. Some of the blogs I've been able to post on, just have had more difficulty with the message boards and other places. I am sorry you were banned from a place for telling them they need input from fat men. Agree with you about their being room for both, and we definitely agree there.

    Thanks for posting William.

  3. If you are ever interested in writing a guest post for my Fat Acceptance blog, please let me know! You are right about the super-sized being alienated in a lot of ways and I would be interested to hear more of what you have to say about it. Let me know.


  4. I would love to Bri, I have an essay here where I talk about size acceptance.

    You have my permission to reprint this if you want:

    I may be writing more about FA's and more stuff, in depth too.

    I'll come check out your blog and hopefully link to it as well.

    The supersized are the pariahs even in a lot of size acceptance circles. Ultra-supersized its even worse..{guess thats my own invented term for people like myself: the 500lb life is different from 300lb life.

  5. Hi 500lb Peep! I have just posted on my blog the article you linked me to about why you left SA. I have no doubt it will ruffle a few feathers and I moderate ALL comments that come to Fat Lot of Good simply because of the trolls and spam I get but hopefully your post will give rise to some thought provoking discussion!

  6. Thanks Bri,

    I added your blog to my blog list, planning to add a few others. Yeah I know that article has ruffled some feathers before, in its earlier version, LOL. Thanks for doing that. I hope you are ok, via your hospital visit you alluded to.