Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The World's Fattest Bride?

Years ago, I wondered if I had broken the world's record for being the fattest bride in the world but reading books on history of the circus there were many large circus fat ladies who had gotten married including Dolly Dimples. The world's fattest man who had lost weight down to the 700s got married as well.

How many people can say they got married, at such incredible weights? We surely must be a rare breed, but everyone in the world has the same emotions and desires, that everyone else has. Ultra-fat people fall in love too. I was at the peak of my weight gain on my wedding day and had to be near 700lbs with hips at around 103 inches in measurement. The me of today, is even far smaller then I was on my wedding day. So if a woman has been reading too many Cathy comics, and thinks her pudge is going to keep her from walking down the wedding aisle, if I managed it, so can she.

In my case I met my husband, just after the first 50lbs, I was just hitting the low 300s, and even then knew I was sick but was still working and semi-functioning. He knew I was sick, during the early years of our relationship I was battling with doctors already. When we married, it was different then most couples, we did not know how much longer I would be around, it was looking pretty short term, and to put a cap on all that, my wedding night was spent in the hospital with a cellulitis infection caused by all the exertion of planning and bringing together a small wedding [we had 24 guests]. By some miracle I could still hobble around at that weight and was not bed bound.

Looking back years later, I told my husband, maybe it wasn't fair to marry you being so ill but my husband wasn't to be dissuaded. We have been together now around 16 years total, 12 married. Many ultra-super sized people never date, nor marry. I guess I bucked that trend.


  1. What is wrong with the bride? She is going to be a nurse and an early widow.

  2. I wonder too. Well you know I look at my own life, and wonder if it was fair for me to marry, but Ive always been able to be a normal wife when it came to romance, and while I couldnt go on hikes, etc, I could cook, and go shopping at small stores and take short trips be involved in husband's life. He is too disabled, he is totally bedbound. There is something to be said for him saying to her, look I'm too sick, I do not want to tie you down.

    She probably does love him. I do think something is wrong with the man, a great part of his weight is uncontrolled lymphedema.