Friday, September 24, 2010

Obesity Puts A Strain on the Wallet

New article "Obesity Puts a Strain on the Wallet"

As reported by the Associated Press (AP), George Washington University researchers found that being obese costs men and women thousands of additional dollars per year, with an average of $4,879 for women and $2,646 for men when things such as lost productivity are factored in.

I would like to ask what is their point with this article? Clothes, shoes, that are bigger cost more, weight discrimination dictates a lower paying job. What do they expect? Sometimes I fear, that this will be just another article, that will tell us what a drain all the fat people are to the nation, instead of any real or accurate solutions. I still remember the one that talked about all the fat people taking more fuel for planes to fly. One thing concerning me about the new fight against the obesity epidemic, is I am seeing no real answers just the same rehashed stuff.

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