Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Riddance Cathy!

Good riddance Cathy! The comic strip Cathy is being ended by it's founder. I love comics, I even draw my own, but I won't be sad about seeing the end of this one.

I often wondered why some of these comic strips are allowed to moulder and fester on the comics page for upwards of 35 years. Sometimes I felt like Cathy was used for social programming, to represent women as totally weight obsessed, man-pleasing and shallow. The thing that made me sick too about Cathy, is the comic strip artist would still show her shopping til she dropped, that may have worked in the go-go 1980s but now in this economy? Talk about out of touch! Cathy actually to me represents everything about the distorted view of the "modern woman" and that includes Cathy's years of whining about chocolate and shopping. Even marriage didn't save Cathy from continuing in the same shallow vein.

This comic was an insult to every woman who weighs over 99lbs. It made even normal weighted women feel bad about themselves. Again good riddance!

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