Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is going to happen to them? Severely Obese Children

I have two young male relatives who are early elementary school-aged and already over the 200lb mark. They are as much or more then some of the kids in the video. [I hate how they have the kids on Maury dressed to emphasize their large stomachs but wanted to show this video-- you are seeing kids this size all over now.]

One thing I am noticing about some fat kids, is they are much taller [notice the three year old being compared at the 24 second mark, the fat kid is far taller]. I wonder if some kids are more sensitive to the growth hormones in our food? As you watch on further, realize all that hunger, is not normal, and while some may want to blame the kids, for being "overeating", a normal healthy child wouldn't even want that much food: they would be disgusted by it.

Sometimes I have cried considering what my two young relatives may face and have prayed for them, because obesity is one of the hardest things anyone could deal with especially in this shallow culture. They are boys so there is a bit less pressure, but having experienced what I have in life, where I was basically in the large but not super sized realm until age 27, I am horrified as to what could await them.

It really makes me wonder. Something is wrong, even watching their eating habits, which are not different from other children has deeply concerned me, one actually refused the marinated chicken, green beans from a friend's garden and rice I made for dinner, eating two bananas instead while the other ate one chicken thigh and nothing else. Now not being around them 24/7, of course I could be missing something but I have not seen anything out of the ordinary. They don't appear to eat like the kids on the Maury videos and I've seen them at several family dinners some with more lavish and extensive food. They do come from divorced parents, and they are going to be eating many a frugal dinner, so that could be part of at least the food picture.

What scares me is they are far larger then I was at their age. When I was young, I was not considered severely obese, I was large enough in a few grades to get made fun of, but what was "fat" in the 1970s would barely past muster now, [check out the "fat kid" on from the Willy Wonka movies from the 70s, the kid is just plump by today's standards] a kid my old size today in a public school may get ribbed a few times, but there would a bunch of kids out weighing me judging from what I have seen among youth today.

Things are getting stupid as the powers that be, actually are crying for kids to be stuck inside their desks even more hours a day and now more months, as this insane cry for summer vacation to be done away with was recently printed in Time magazine. OK, they got the kids already shoved in desks 7 hours a day being bored to death in public schools, where gym and recess have become things of the past, why not just the send children off to a public education center til they turn 18? This kind of dumb stuff permeates this culture. As the kids get fatter they want them chained to a desk even more?

The American lifestyle is deteriorating, as parents go off to their cubicle/or other job 8-12 hours a day and children are shunted off to sit quietly in school with few activities, dining on bad food consisting of cheap hot dogs, cardboard boxed macaroni and cheese and fast food, especially if the family is poor. I believe my family's richer diet--I grew up upper middle class so we had roast beef on the table every week, tons of vegetables, home-cooked foods and hours a day delivering papers and venturing far and wide on my bicycle for miles around my town, out to two large parks, with gym class, 4-H club, etc, made things very different for me. Course I got fat even with exercise later [see here]. Overall, I'm getting very scared for the children.

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