Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Show Ruby

I've been watching this show with interest, this is the Ruby show from the Style network starring a lady who used to be as much as 700lbs and has been losing weight. She started the show at around 487lbs.

She looks like she has made it down to the 300lb mark, and here she is shown going to buy a belt for the first time. It's an interesting show because it has shown the day-to day life of a severely obese woman. She has been able to exercise, and do many more things which are all positive. One thing I get from the show is when someone is facing severe obesity they really do need more support out there, medical and otherwise. The show has covered everything from her dating life to health concerns with diabetes. It is good to see her having lost weight and become more active. Here you can see some of the earlier shows in the first season.

I wish I could talk to Ruby one day, her personality is more outgoing then my own [I'm far more of the bookworm and serious type] and her weight seems more centered in eating disorders coupled with childhood issues, rather then endocrine problems, but I think we could have some interesting conversations just about how life is living as a super-sized woman and about what she has overcome.

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