Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Americans Need to Learn to Cook and Eat Real Food: Article

This article "Government to Blame for Obesity Epidemic" hits on many themes I have talked about here. My advice is for folks if they have land to start growing your own food and realize the poison they are selling to people that they call food. Too many moneyed interests are promoting the bad stuff above decent wholesome food. I definitely agree with this.

The obesity problem is complicated by multiple endocrine-disrupting compounds that permeate our environment and food supply. It is made worse by the addition of GMO toxic and mutated food into our food supply. And it is locked in place by an industry that knows quite well how to create brand addiction by stimulating the subconscious brain with a variety of unnatural chemicals in combination with salt, refined sugar, and fat. Every step of the way is corrupt government officials acting as gatekeepers for profits at the expense of human health.

The bottom line result is a society that is addicted to food garbage.


  1. Spot on!This short pieve in itself states the entire issue with typical American eating habits. Habits in which, unfortunately, are growing more popular with the younger generations of nearly every country!

  2. I think snacking is a bad trend. I think one snack a day is okay, I usually need one, around 4pm though I have tried to remove it, but I see tons of people who just do what I call "free feed", they snack all day long. I even have seen thin people do it. That is one of the worse habits, people can get into. Even diabetes wise and blood sugar wise, the body needs that 4 hour rest period from food. I can see that other countries fatten up like mad when American food corporations and fast food move in.