Monday, January 3, 2011

Poop Will Make You Thin???!

Poop will make you thin? Now I have seen it all! Nah, it's not that bad, they are realizing the intestinal flora of fat people is different from thin and why wouldn't it be even more affected considering the American diet? The theory is change the flora, and you will change the digestion and the break down of food.

I don't get why they have to use feces, and why not just get some specialized probiotics? I have been considering getting some probiotics myself to try and 're-set" things and improve digestion. Just so folks know this is not from the onion, here is a scientist, assistant professor of Epidemiology commenting on this:

What if, instead of re-constituting healthy gut flora one species at a time, you could simply take the entire fecal contents from a healthy person and use it to re-colonize your own gut--in other words, undergo a fecal transplant? Yes, it's like probiotics on steroids: getting an infusion of someone else's gut flora in order to re-establish a healthy gut ecology of your own, and squeeze out some potentially harmful organisms along the way. A recent story discusses this treatment for patients suffering Clostridium difficile infections in Scotland, but it's actually not brand-new, and has already surfaced in the peer-reviewed literature. More after the jump...

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  1. I actually had this idea when the first studies on intestinal flora and weight came out. I know exactly who's shit I want. The dude couldn't put on weight if he tried, and he has.