Monday, December 20, 2010

What Does A 500lb Woman Eat?

Tuesday, For breakfast I ate three Greek olives, and a turkey sandwich--on a tortilla. I ate some Chinese food for lunch, a quarter cup of hot and sour soup, eggs picked out, about a cup of pork with vegetables, and cup of fried rice. Dinner was half a turkey leg, portion of a turkey wing, some white meat, a very small smidgen of gluten-free stuffing--it was gross, green beans [I don't add butter to vegetables, just serve them right out of the can heated up nothing added] and a couple tablespoons of that cranberry sauce junk. There was applesauce thrown in somewhere that day too.

Wednesday I was sick. Sick as a dog. Lets just say nothing stayed down, and the entire digestive system decided to take a day off in terms of working.. My digestion is saying Adios!, day by day. I managed to get half a bowel of chicken and rice soup down at 10:00 pm and drank maybe 1 glass of watered cranberry juice--for blood sugar reasons, that actually stayed down. Applesauce was a losing proposition.

Thursday, I went down bland food highway. I ate left over chicken and rice soup for breakfast, and a can of chicken vienna sausages. Lunch was a chopped chicken salad [no mayonnaise, this is a cafe that makes it in high quality way, over greens and acouple slices of cucumber and other veggies. This place has incredibly fresh food, and if I could afford to eat there everyday I could. They even fulfilled the gluten free tenets. Dinner was more chicken and rice soup and a turkey sandwich on a corn tortilla with apple. There was a banana somewhere in that day.

Friday I ate a banana and some cranberry juice. Lunch was some mixed rice noodles with green pepper and some red onions, and left over turkey, it was gross, and the rest is rotting in the fridge now. For dinner, I ate some breakfast turkey sausage, small links--sure I ate too many of those- and butter bean salad that was a can of butter beans, green pepper, red onion, parsley,and olive oil, vinegar and seasonings.

Saturday, I ate Chex cereal with a bananna and almond milk--allergic to the real stuff, lunch was sandwich was turkey on tortilla, some sliced red onion, and more chicken rice soup and a large raw carrot I munched down. OK so I am not that creative in meal planning, that soup was shared with husband.

I quite writing around there....Saturday I forgot what I had for dinner, it was probably gross. Sunday, more cereal for breakfast, I had more sandwiches, and ate more butter bean salad, and had two pork chops--baked in gluten free breading with rice-pasta salad, made with a ton of vegetables and vinaigrette dressing. There were some bananas and apples thrown in along the way. I ate too many Greek olives for a snack, having the usual salt fixation.

Today I have eaten 4 Greek olives and some quesedillas made with sliced turkey lunch meat and fake soy cheese. OK maybe my diet sucks, but is it as bad as you thought it'd be? Try eating a diet where all wheat is removed, all barley, all rye, all dairy, eggs, wine, seafood, is gone. It isn't easy. I usually eat more vegetables then there this week, the week before I was on V-8 drinkathon, drinking a glass or two day. I only allow myself one Chex cereal and Almond Milk purchase a month, because of sugar. Tonight I'm planning to make squash and turkey ham.

The best meal of the week was the chicken salad, the worse was that gross rice noodles with turkey and gluten free stuffing. My husband ate a bunch of my cereal, but that isn't a bad thing for me. I need to eat more vegetables this week. I am open to any dietary suggestions. I doubt I will give up salt, even though I am supposed to.


  1. well theres a lot of turkey lol but i understand that your low income like me you try make do not bad concidering the salad place sounds great too bad it costs so much my fav meal out here is jacket potatoe side salad green veg peppers lettuce rocket carrots etc no mayonnaise and big mug of tea that does me all day but at supper my treat day i get crab sticks made from white fish little bit high in sugar but is my treat day dammed if there taking that from till they have too olives sounds nice my husband eats way more than me lmao but he loose the weight somehow people have a false image of what big people eat dont they in cafes there eyes are on stalks when i eat healthy they cant stop staring like im a circus freak weird suppose they expect us to be eating huge chocolate cakes which i hate by the way i dont like sweet stuff much its salt im crazy for naughty high blood pressure so no it dosnt surprise me that you eat healthy good on you though id hunt out better noodles lol k


  2. Sounds like you eat pretty good. Potatoes can be healthy if not fried or laden down with too much butter or fat, crab sticks are not that bad either. I can't eat potatoes or crab LOL. Butthose are not inherently bad foods. Yeah they think we sit around eating tons of cakes. I had the weird moment yesterday watching my husband and friend eat 6 cupcakes, he had bought a tray over a whole day. I had one bite LOL.

  3. I just found your blog a couple of days ago so need to read through it more. I weigh a lot. Your menus would be way too carb-y for me. With my health and health problems, I gain weight when I eat majority carbs. Like if there are 2 menus, same amount of calories but one high fat, low carb, medium protein, and the other low fat, and higher carbs, I will gain weight on the low fat one and either lose weight or maintain my weight on the low carb one.