Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Body Does Not Work Like Yours

One thing about me, people don't know is I credit God more with keeping me alive then medical science, and avoid going to the hospital unless I'm acutely dying. I hate the hospital and while I have liked a couple doctors [my present nurse practitioner, and previous doctor from Ghana, are among my favorites], the impersonal and dehumanized part of medicine freaks me out. I believe it is prayer that has kept me going this long. Even two weeks ago, I had my digestion totally check out, to the tune of where bowel cancer seemed to be on the list, and I was hunched over in pain, feeling like I was going to die. Now it's 9-10 days later, and I have had normal digestion for 8 days. How did that happen? I thought my bowels were forever ruined. Sometimes you just have to ask God what is wrong, pray for help and then figure out what to do. Trial and error, has allowed me to figure out wheat is bad to the bone [along with diagnosis of my celiac skin condition, all eggs must be forever removed from the diet, and all dairy. If I did not do these things I believe I would be long ago dead. Just eating one smidgen of hard boiled egg or eating some spaghetti sauce with cheese added [why on earth are they pouring cheese into everything nowadays?] is enough for hours of extreme abdominal pain. In my 20s, I was in and out of the hospital for severe asthma attacks over and over until I figured out I was allergic to potatoes! [knowledge like that is literally life saving]. I have already talked about my story of weighing almost 700lbs after a huge weight gain and stepping away from the brink of death. I am losing some weight recently, I lose it in the "thin parts first and the face" which is weird, visions of looking like an orange [or better metaphor may be a basketball, LOL] with toothpicks sticking out of it swim in my head.

People find my view of medical science odd, but before in life, I told one lady her daughter showed every sign of a pituitary tumor and in her case she got diagnosed. Too many medicos have become linear thinkers and do not look at the "whole picture", also lowest common denominator medicine does not work, right now I found myself telling a friend who is in her early 40s, they cannot blame severe muscle and joint pain and pulmonary blood clots [at that age!] just on smoking. The smoking does not help but something else is going on!

Being severely obese you have to stay in tune with yourself to stay alive. I took a walk today where I threw out a knee, yes 500lb me does attempt to exercise and I have a rule about taking at least one 500-1000 foot walk a day, Why? to make sure I still can! This includes during housebound days taking 10 length up and down the apartment hall when the hallways are too cold. To a normal thin person it is nothing, but I was able to get it back in, and have some of the swelling go down. It takes me a lot of work, to keep myself going. Anyone who looks at me and says YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH, is insane. The only control I have is praying to God and asking for His help. I'd love them to be me for a couple of days and figure it out for themselves. My body DOES NOT WORK LIKE YOURS!

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