Monday, December 5, 2011

The Edmonton Obesity Staging System and writing an Obesity Researcher

I wrote this doctor here

I found out about this via Big Fat Blog, home of the die hard almost normal sized fat people who are gung-ho size acceptance ideologues that deny that weight affects health.

It's weird to go watch the size activists go battle it out with this doctor, and say "Hey we are healthy!". Please, I can see that for the size 18 people but come on, this doctor is probably seeing nursing home bound people who are so overweight they have lost all normal functions on a weekly basis. The Fat Acceptance ideological delusion is not going to fly.

Well I wrote him too and wrote him that doctors need to do better and to re-assess some of his beliefs about metabolism and PCOS. PCOS was one thing that brought the weight on in my case not the other way around.

Well here is the Edmonton Obesity Staging System. See here. Double click to make it larger to read.

I mean look at the list, these doctors see the outcome of severe obesity and how it affects lives. Now I wrote him pointing out obesity is more of a symptom of other failed health processes. My blog here of course has explored the effects of MSG and other franken-food and other toxins we are all being exposed to, and other theories about weight. The Edmonton Obesity Staging System does challenge all the size acceptance delusions I have pointed out multiple times on this blog, that weight does impact health especially in its worse stages. I believe I was in stage 4 when I was at near 700lbs when I had my severe weight gain [multiple ER visits, lost the ability to walk almost, statis ulcers in the legs, failing respiratory system] but have hovered at stage 3 while in the 500s these last years, being disabled, with several co-morbs, affected mobility and breathing problems though I can still walk and am not wheelchair bound.

This list puts the reality out there as to what happens to severely fat people. Now some of the illnesses I see as causations of the obesity not results, such as PCOS, I lived that, and my reality says otherwise.

There are many other articles [I found the links on Big Fat Blog] where this is discussed.

"Should Casuality Matter in the Emonton Obesity Staging System"?

I think of course it should and wrote the doctor here, saying many problems cause the weight to begin with. They need to get to the root cause of what is causing weight to deal with it. Why I was not able to have everything solved, getting to the root cause of PCOS and endocrine disease bought me at least 15 more years.

Also see Big Fat Blog for the list of other related links. 

Dr. Sharma's website has much other interesting information. I do hope he reads what I wrote and has time to visit this website. I often have wanted correspondence with an obesity researcher. I benefited years earlier corresponding with an obesity journalist and writer.

I posted some links and told him a few opinions, guess that is all I can do. He does seem to be an honest researcher who cares about fat people and that is a good thing.

His Obesity Staging System however tells the TRUTH, that being fat over a certain limit DOES injure the health.


  1. I agree with you that over a certain size, weight does affect the health. Which in no way means that I ever condone shaming people for their size. If that worked we'd all be skinny!
    At around 300 pounds, my size does not particularly affect me--except for the stigma. I have pituitary and thyroid issues, the thyroid probably being secondary to the pituitary problem. Of course no doctor ever wants to take the time to address this properly. They'd rather tell me to just stick to the damn Slim Fast or whatever other crap that doesn't work.

  2. Hi Real Cie, glad you see where I am coming from. I don't agree on shaming anyone for their size, no one except the very rare person chooses this! Sorry you hvae faced pituitary and thyroid issues, you may want to check out the Cushings/pseudo Cushings related articles on my blog too. I know that is something where many people are being ignored on. Yes too many of the doctors just want to push stuff that doesn't work. If you have hormonal issues, and you know I do too, then it really won't work.