Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More on Fat Fashion and Places to Get Supersized Clothes

I have realized I hate a lot of what they are trying to sell me for fat clothes. I don't want to wear skulls emblazoned on my jacket and I thought the swing revival died in the 90s. Save me from the tunic and leggings! Get rid of those baby-doll dresses that promote fat infantilization. I'd sooner shred some leggings and burn them before wearing them. Hey I weigh 500lbs I don't want to be dressed like I am 8 years old and Mom is ready to break out the Garanimals. Sometimes I find fat fashion interesting. The focus on bright colors, bows and short skirts floors me. Why do fat women want to wear clothing where to even bend over to get a tissue off the floor means full exposure. Talk about uncomfortable. I have this purple velvet dress that I relegated to only indoor wear, it goes down to my knees because everytime I bent over in the thing, it was an exercise in making sure my butt faced the wall or something, because I didn't want to put on a show.

I checked out acouple fat fashion websites. see here and here. Everyone is young and under 28 years old or so. Most of the clothes are NOT my style. There isn't one outfit in this display I would be comfortable in. I know those plump size 18 women can take things a bit further, but where is the comfort? I think clothes should be comfortable and move with you. Why is everything short, small and so so tight? Why do they always have that size 32 cut off that basically cuts everyone off who crosses from the midsized point to the supersized point? One Note to overweight people, you look better if your clothes fit, and actually even on the bigger side of things! Thin people may look ok in tighter clothes and I think they are nuts too to sacrifice that much comfort for "fashion" but for fat people it is even more uncomfortable.

As I have written before I would be naked if it wasn't for this company. I buy the long dresses. I am very glad I can get clothes that fit and do not shame me and I can have some dignity in. I pray they never go out of business. I need to order acouple dresses soon again. I own this dress, it's one of my latest, size 8x and it's one of my favorites in my wardrobe.

Plus woman
, I have ordered from before, but they are somewhat expensive, and I do find the sanctuarie dresses more flattering to my particular body shape. However I will say this, I still own a red dress from them that is about 12 years old and it has held it's own and except for a small pocket rip is still going. Which reminds me I need to get that dress repaired.

Making it Big
has good clothes, very good clothes, some of the dresses I wore back in the 1990s from this place I still remember fondly including a purple cotton dress, but they were very expensive, and for someone as poor as me, that was a struggle. They dropped their sizes down, not sure why, which was kind of disappointing. Now everything only goes up to an 82 inch hip.

I love Peggy Lutz too, as I have written about a dress I had from them once. I had another blue dress that I wore at my largest size that was a great dress as well. However they are VERY EXPENSIVE. If I won the Lotto, I probably would go over and buy the place out but for now am too broke but the clothes are designed well. Larger people can order clothes past the already marked sizes, their sizes go up to 78 inch hips but I ordered a dress at my largest size when my hips were in the low 100s.

I ordered clothing off ebay for years, while very poor, but now I can't find any supersized clothing over there anymore outside of the goth/renaissance stuff that looks more for Halloween rather then any day wear. Can someone tell me what happened over there? Why is there no more plus sized clothing for supersized people on ebay?

One thing about being the size I am and was, you can't just go get cheap clothes from thrift or Wal-mart, I had to pony up the cash, or go naked. I tried sewing but was very very bad at it. I envy those who can just go get an outfit at thrift. Clothing comes very dear to those of us in the very high sizes.

Well those are my favorite places to get clothes and my other thoughts on fat fashion, no more leggings! Please!

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